20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in the World (part 2)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Population: ≈813,000 people. 
Prices: daily rental - €4.4-9; 4-hour rental - starting from €10 (depends on the bike and the season).

Amsterdam is the cycling capital of Europe. More than 40% of city traffic is by bicycle. The city has over 400 km of bike lanes, equipped with special signs and traffic lights. There are many parking and bike rental stations throughout the city. You can rent not only the usual bikes but also children's bikes, tandems, and more.

Basel, Switzerland

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Population: ≈171,000 people.
Prices: daily rental - $20; annual rental - $246.

Basel is a quiet and picturesque Swiss town on the banks of the Rhine. It's perfect for a leisurely bike ride! The city provides ample facilities for this. Basel boasts about 1,600 bike parking spaces. All private bicycles are registered with law enforcement agencies and insured. But people in Basel don't just cycle to work - the city also has a bike courier service. The so-called "Three Countries Bridge" connecting the French Huningue and the German Weil am Rhein is especially popular among cyclists. It has a dedicated lane for bicycles.

Malmö, Sweden

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Population: ≈310,000 people.
Prices: daily rental - $23-26.

Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden. It is just 19 km from Copenhagen. Perhaps that's where Malmö got its love for bicycles. The city authorities have invested €47 million in the development of cycling - building lanes, parking, and holding "Car-Free Days". About 25% of Malmö's residents cycle daily. A unique feature of Malmö's bike paths is that each has a name. They are specifically named to make it easier to find them via GPS.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Population: ≈6.3 million people.
Prices: first hour - free; daily rental - $2.3; monthly subscription - $4.45.

Sunny Rio is a very sporty city. Many residents go for morning runs, engage in surfing, and ride bicycles. Bike paths began to appear along Copacabana beach before the climate summit in 1992. Since then, the network has been continuously growing (after all, Rio has many beaches). Special attention to cycling infrastructure was given in the run-up to two major sports events the city was to host, the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games.

Antwerp, Belgium

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Population: ≈503,000 people.
Prices: daily rental - €3.6; weekly subscription - €8; annual subscription - €36.

Antwerp is the second-largest and most significant city in Belgium. Politicians in the local elections in 2006 promised to build 100 km of bike paths in the coming years. By 2012, they kept their word. Bicycle lanes in Antwerp are painted red to alert motorists. Today, of the half-million residents of Antwerp, 16%, or more than 80,000 people, are cyclists.

Seville, Spain

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Population: ≈706,000 people.
Prices: first 30 minutes - free, weekly subscription - €5.

Spanish Seville is one of the cities where cycling is rapidly developing. Consider this: in 2006, only 0.5% of the city's residents regularly traveled by bike, but today that number has reached 7%. Like Barcelona, Seville boasts a developed network of bike lanes, all in good condition. Both locals and visitors can rent a bicycle in the city.

Christchurch, New Zealand

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Population: ≈341,000 people.
Prices: first 2 hours - free; daily rental - $16; weekly subscription - $65; monthly subscription - $163.

Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand and also the most bicycle-friendly place in the country. Locals are meticulous about their health, so they are keen to switch to bicycles. The picturesque nature encourages long bike rides, especially since the city has all the necessary infrastructure for it — even the highways are equipped with bike lanes. But the most amazing thing is that in Christchurch there's an open-air cinema for cycling enthusiasts. Want to watch a movie? Pedal on a stationary bike, otherwise the "electricity will run out."

Trondheim, Norway

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Population: ≈169,000 people.
Prices: daily subscription - $19.

Trondheim is a small Norwegian town considered the technological capital of the country. Bicycles are widely used in Norway. Trondheim is a clear testament to this. The bicycle movement began there in the 1990s. Nowadays, the town has about 30 municipal bike rental stations and a famous bicycle lift known throughout Europe. It helps locals and visitors climb the Brubakken hill with their bicycles.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Population: ≈313,000 people.
Prices: daily rental $13-18.

Utrecht is located in the heart of the Netherlands and is the country's largest railway hub, as well as one of Europe's most bicycle-friendly cities (ranked third by Copenhagenize). In Utrecht, cyclists are the most respected road users. People ride bikes to work, to visit friends, to the cinema, for errands, etc. Fortunately, the city's infrastructure allows for it.


As you can see, the trend of using bikes and e-bikes is on the rise. People are looking to make eco-friendly choices and desire greater mobility in large cities, especially with the prevalence of heavy traffic. Bike rental prices are quite appealing, particularly when considering long-term leases. However, in a large city, e-bikes have a distinct advantage. They offer mobility even in congested traffic, yet allow you to move almost as fast as a car. Come visit us at 654 College Street, and we'll show you how you can avoid wasting time in traffic jams.

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