5 Reasons to Love E-bikes

You might have heard about e-bikes through social media or word of mouth, and wondered what all the hype is about. Electric bikes have been named the future of bikes, and for good reasons. E-bikes come in handy in many situations such as getting your errands done while skipping the traffic. Many people in cities like Toronto are now switching to e-bikes as they save tons of money compared to a car, and are much better for the environment. You might want to consider looking into buying yourself an e-bike after these five reasons why we love e-bikes.

Great Exercise

Yes, although you might think electric bikes are the lazy version of a good old fashioned bicycle, e-bikes provide just as good health advantages to you when you ride. The rush we get when we really punch it on e-bikes helps get the blood pumping, which in turn oxygenates the body and gives us energy to tackle the day ahead of us. It’s also a great way to improve the cardiovascular system, and burn some calories. Cycling, whether electric or not, has always been a great way for people of all ages to exercise, burning calories and maintaining proper weight. So the next time you see an e-bike at the stores, check it out for the purposes of your well-being.

Errands Done Easily

Biking has always been a great way to get your errands done while skipping the traffic, but biking can be very tiring, especially if you're doing long errands. Therefore, many people decide to purchase a car to get their errands done without tiring themselves, but there are many costs to a car that sometimes don’t make it worth it. Well cheer up, it’s the future, our bikes have motors inside of them now. With e-bikes, you are able to get your errands done while avoiding the traffic in a car, and the fatigue from biking. Sounds awesome right, and not to mention, who doesn’t love taking an electric bike for a ride, making errands more fun than ever.

Save Money

A car is expensive. The average cost of a car is $30,000, and that is not even calculating insurance, parking, gas, and regular check ups (oil and tire changes). It’s obvious cars are not cheap, especially in cities like Toronto or New York. So why not get an electric bike? Electric bikes save us tons of money as we get a vehicle for a price tag ten times cheaper than a car, getting to avoid parking and gas fees, and the check ups being less consistent and cheaper. That sounds too good to be true, but electric bikes have been designed for the purpose of convenience and saving.


Trips with our buds are always things we look forward to, but being cramped together in a car, or walking tirelessly to get to our destination can ruin the trip for us. This is where the bejeweled e-bikes come in once again. Electric bikes are an awesome way to go exploring new sights with friends, and tasting that fresh breeze of air as you ride, while getting the best view as you don’t have the stained windows in a car ruining it. Summer is almost here, so buy that e-bike and go on the trips with your friends you’ve always wanted to go, in the best possible way.

Better for the Environment

Electric bikes are a convenient form of transportation that avoids greenhouse and carbon emissions. Less emissions mean a cleaner atmosphere, which results in Earth living longer. Using electric bikes lowers our carbon emissions by more than half, crazy! Cars run by burning gasoline which contribute to air pollution, so you might think getting an electric car would be a good option to stop pollution, but think again. An electric car can cost upwards of $40,000, while electric bikes like the ones at Movin’ don't exceed $3,000. If you're a person who loves our dear Mother Earth, and wants her to live a healthy life, then switch to electric bikes this summer and encourage others to do so, too.

Wow, all these reasons really make you think of e-bikes as the best thing in the world, maybe it is. E-bikes have so many uses, and satisfy so many of our clients in the GTA who’ve always been complaining about the hefty costs of a car, and the tiredness from walking. E-bikes really are an awesome thing sent to us from above, and if you want to learn more about e-bikes and their uses, check out our other blogs at Movin’ Mobility, and if we’ve convinced you to purchase an e-bike, we have some of the best in the market at our website.  

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