Best E-bike helmets 2023 (part 2)

We are happy to continue our Top Picks for the Best Bike Helmets for Various Purposes

Top-3 Best Cycling Helmets with Visor

West Biking

West Biking, e-bike helmet

Description: This cycling helmet comes with three high-quality visors, ventilation holes, and a built-in rear light. It's designed to handle any distance, including challenging mountain tracks. The inner lining prevents direct contact between the head and the base of the helmet, ensuring constant air flow around the head for added comfort while riding.

Adjustability: Features a special mechanism for size adjustment, fitting men and women with a head circumference of 58-62 cm. The number of ventilation holes is not specified by the seller and should be clarified when ordering.

Material: Foam
Size: 58-62 cm
Safety: Rear light

Pros and Cons: Three visors, no direct head contact with the helmet's base; the number of ventilation holes is not specified.



Head RACHEL, bikes helmet

Description: A stylish women's helmet in size XS/S, designed for challenging mountain conditions. The visor can be quickly changed if needed. It includes ventilation holes and a patented Sphere Fit size adjustment, automatically centering the helmet on the crown of the head for an ideal fit and comfort. Suitable for use in both summer and winter (with top ventilation holes closed in winter).

Special Features: Ventilation holes, Sphere Fit size adjustment
Size: XS/S
Gender: Female

Pros and Cons: Unique size adjustment, suitable for both summer and winter use; designed exclusively for women.



Cairbull, e-bikes helmet

Description: A protective cycling helmet with a visor suitable for both men and women for warm-weather use. It's lightweight (230 g) and features a built-in rear light and 22 ventilation holes. The model is designed for individuals with a head circumference of 54 to 61 cm. It comes with removable magnetic glasses and a sun visor. For added safety, reflective elements are applied to the helmet.

Special Features: Ventilation holes, size adjustment
Size: 54-61 cm
Safety: Rear light, reflective elements
Weight: 230 g

Pros and Cons: Unisex, lightweight; suitable only for summer use.

Top-3 Best Full-Face Cycling Helmets



JETCAT NoLimits, e-bikes helmet

Description: Suitable for cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, scootering, etc. This model features a removable chin guard and a rear light, providing reliable protection for head sizes from 48 to 53 cm. It has ventilation holes and can be used by both men and women. Made from foam and plastic, it has a noted weakness in the chin guard attachment, as reported by customers.

Material: Foam, plastic
Special Features: Ventilation holes, size adjustment
Size: 48-53 cm
Safety: Rear LED light

Pros and Cons: Includes a rear light, unisex; weak chin guard attachment.

Full Face Helmet


Full face helmet, helmet for e-bikes

Description: Suitable for summer use, this helmet fits head sizes of 60-61 cm. It offers injury protection with its reinforced polystyrene protective element. It features a removable, antibacterial-treated Clean Tech lining and a chin pad for increased comfort. Additional benefits include ventilation holes, a cover, and a stylish design. Some customers find the straps uncomfortable.

Material: Polystyrene
Special Features: Ventilation holes, cover
Size: 60-61 cm

Pros and Cons: Reinforced protective element, removable antibacterial lining; uncomfortable straps.




JETCAT Raptor SE, helmet for e-bikes

Description: This helmet with a removable chin guard is suitable for head sizes from 48 to 53 cm. It includes ventilation holes and a rear light for visibility in dark conditions. Ideal for cyclists, scooter riders, rollerbladers, and skateboarders. The protective element is made of foam and plastic. Some users find it difficult to put on due to the chin guard.

Material: Foam, plastic
Special Features: Ventilation holes, size adjustment
Size: 48-53 cm
Safety: Rear LED light

Pros and Cons: Size adjustability, robust construction; difficult to wear because of the chin guard.

Top-3 Best Professional Cycling Helmets

West Biking


West biking, e-bikes helmet

Description: This professional cycling helmet with a bright design is specially made for men. It offers high protection thanks to its plastic and foam construction, fully covering the skull and occiput. The optimal number and geometry of ventilation holes contribute to comfort and coolness while riding. Designed for men with a head circumference of 58 to 62 cm, it's suitable for long distances and has a moisture-wicking lining.

Material: Foam, plastic
Special Features: Ventilation holes, size adjustment
Size: 58-62 cm

Pros and Cons: Bright design, high level of protection; limited to male users.

MET Trenta 3K



MET Trenta 3K, e-bikes helmet

Description: This cycling helmet, with an ergonomic design for professional use, fits well thanks to its 360° buckle system. Special ventilation holes provide excellent air circulation. Thin layers of carbon and foam offer reliable injury protection. Lightweight at 229 grams, it fits head sizes 58-59 cm. A drawback is the lack of reflective elements.

Material: Foam, carbon
Special Features: Ventilation holes, 360° buckle system
Size: 58-59 cm
Weight: 229 g

Pros and Cons: Excellent fit, lightweight; lacks reflective elements.

Scott Cadence Plus



Scott Cadence Plus, e-bikes helmet


Description: Designed for professional cyclists, this helmet features front aerodynamic channels, an air catcher, and rear ventilation holes. It has a MIPS protection against lateral gliding impacts, Halo 360 fit system, and antibacterial lining. The helmet’s fit can be adjusted on the go. Made from polystyrene with reflective elements for nighttime safety, it's suitable for a head circumference of 51-55 cm. Some users note that the tight strap fit around the jaw can cause skin irritation.

Material: Polystyrene, MIPS
Special Features: Ventilation holes, Halo 360 size adjustment
Size: 51-55 cm
Safety: Reflective elements

Pros and Cons: Excellent ventilation, antibacterial lining; tight straps may cause jaw irritation.

Top 3 children's bicycle helmets:

Indigo IN072

Indigo IN072, e-bikes helmet
Description: A helmet for urban cycling, balance biking, and rollerblading. Suitable for children with head sizes of 48-56 centimeters. The accessory is designed in a cross-country style and features ten large ventilation holes, a visor, and enhanced back-of-the-head protection. The inner surface consists of resilient foam and additional soft pads. The size of the model is adjustable with a special ring, secured under the chin with straps. The model is made of plastic and has a bright design.

User Reviews: High-quality workmanship, however, users report difficulties with strap adjustment (a one-time but lengthy process) and thin top plastic.

Material: Plastic
Size: 48-56 cm
Ventilation Holes: 10
Safety: Bright design
Weight: 380 g

Pros: Large ventilation holes, visor, enhanced back protection
Cons: Complicated strap adjustment, thin top plastic

HUDORA Skaterhelm

HUDORA Skaterhelm, helmet for e-bikes
Description: A durable helmet for children aged six and above, suitable for cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, and performing tricks. The model has a pot-like shape with reinforced back and ear cutouts for reliable impact protection. The size is adjustable within 51-55 centimeters. The outer shell is made of ABS plastic and a layer of dense foam, while the inner part is made of removable soft foam with velcro. There are 11 ventilation holes, with the front ones protected by a mesh, and the helmet includes reflective stickers on the back for safety.

User Reviews: Sturdy, lightweight (400g), and spacious, but lacks a visor, and the ventilation holes are not very large, which can be hot in summer.

Material: ABS plastic
Size: 51-55 cm
Ventilation Holes: 11
Safety: Reflective inserts
Weight: 400 g

Pros: Reflective inserts, sturdy plastic, soft foam inside with velcro
Cons: No visor, smaller ventilation holes can be hot in summer

Bobike ONE Plus

Bobike ONE Plus, e-bikes helmet

Description: A helmet for children from one to ten years old, available in two sizes: XS (for head circumference 48-53 centimeters) and S (52-56 cm). Easily adjustable straps make it usable for multiple seasons and over a hat. The accessory is made of plastic in a pot-like shape with reinforced back protection, ten ventilation holes (front ones covered with mosquito netting), and reflective stickers at the back.

User Reviews: Lightweight (200g), but the straps are a bit long, causing the helmet to slide back while riding.

Material: Plastic
Size: 48-53 cm, 52-56 cm
Ventilation Holes: 10
Safety: Reflective stickers
Weight: 200 g

Pros: Two sizes for children aged one to ten, reflective stickers, very lightweight at 200 grams
Cons: Straps are a bit long, causing the helmet to slide back while riding.  

How to choose e-bike helmet:


A correctly sized helmet guarantees comfort and safety, so it should be tried on when purchasing. Models with an adjustable size are tailored individually.


When wearing the helmet and fastening the straps, pay attention to your feelings: the helmet should not sit too loosely or, conversely, too tightly and press on your head, and the straps should not cut into your skin. When moving your head, a slight deviation of the model to the sides is permissible, but not sliding forward or backward. With the correct fit, the helmet occupies a horizontal position, covering both the forehead and the back of the head.


The best option is when the clasp passes through the top surface of the shell and attaches to it (this is more reliable). Straps fixed on the side surfaces do not guarantee good fixation, and the helmet may come off during a fall. The fastener should be able to be unfastened with one hand.


Remember that the more holes in the helmet, the better. Models equipped with a special air circulation system can also be chosen.


Heavy models (from 300 g) put a lot of pressure on the neck, so lighter ones are preferable, although they are more expensive.


It’s great when children's helmets have reflective stickers, and adult ones have a small light. There may also be additional soft inserts on the inside of the helmet.


It is necessary to check the condition of the inner layer and the outer shell. They should not have any cracks, dents, or other defects.



Popular Questions and Answers 

What can and can't you save on when buying a bicycle helmet?

When buying a helmet, it’s better not to skimp and choose worthy European brands that have passed the necessary checks and certifications. The quality of plastic (on cheap helmets, the plastic is such that after a blow, it has to be dug out from under the skin) and foam matters. In cheap models, the foam is just too hard. There's no big difference between hitting your head on the ground or on the helmet.

What materials should a quality bicycle helmet be made of?

The helmet should be made of quality materials: durable plastic, supplemented inside with foam, and equipped with a protection system, for example, MIPS.

What are the main protective elements a bicycle helmet should contain?

A frame made of quality foam, an impact-softening system (ideally MIPS), and durable plastic that bends upon impact rather than shattering into hundreds of fragments.

When is it time to replace a bicycle helmet with a new one?

After the first impact. Even if the helmet has not cracked, it can lose its structural strength. Without damage - as long as you like it, keep riding.


A helmet is an essential part of every cyclist's life. We hope our selection of the best helmets and our advice will help you enjoy riding every day and make your life even better. But if you have any more questions, we are waiting for you at 654 College Street, Toronto. We will share additional tips on how to properly choose all other equipment for your comfort and safety.

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