Best Trails and Spots to Visit with your Electric Bike - 2022 Toronto Guide


One of the first things you think about when you get an electric bike is what you want to do with it. Will you use the bike to commute? or will you use it for recreational purposes and go on some visually appealing trails? Maybe both? If you pick the latter, this blog will be diving deep into some gorgeous trails you can take your e-bike on this summer in the Toronto area.

Martin Goodwin Trail

The Martin Goodwin Trail is a popular out-and-back trail, which is a trail that follows one or multiple paths to the end where it loops back and follows the same paths, in Toronto that is listed at 56 kilometres long. The trail starts at the Queens Quay, and after a pleasant trip along the waterfront, it ends at the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, where you could stand in awe of the beautiful Toronto skyline. Even though it's a long trail, it is not hard to complete, because of its limited elevation changes and easy-to-follow signs. This trail is used for running, biking and many other things. Keep in mind, that using this trail means keeping your speed under 20km/h, and pedaling for most of the journey!

Humber River Recreation Trail

The Humber River Recreation Trail is an out-and-back lovely trail that is easy to complete and follows the great Humber River. The trail starts at Etienne Brule Park and is listed as only 19 km long, but it is still filled with some gratifying attractions you could look at. These attractions include impressive waterfalls, old bridges, and some beautiful gardens. Although this trail has many great things, many people complain that it is hard to follow because there are barely any signs that give direction, but this could be easily avoided if you bring your downloaded map with you. It is usually very busy so it is recommended that you go during the early hours of the day. This trail can be used for running and or biking, and if you feel like biking, you could use a Movin’ E-bike. Our fat tire folding bike, “Pulse” comes with magnesium alloy wheels and a shock-absorbing suspension fork. These features, along with the powerful 500-watt motor and Samsung lithium-ion battery (single or dual battery options available) will allow you to complete this trail effortlessly with limited bumps, and make your ride in style. While the bike practically rides itself,  you can simply sit peacefully and admire all the beautiful surroundings and enjoy yourself!

The Moccasin Trail park is by far the easiest trail to take a ride on! It is listed at only half a kilometer long and has a paved path with almost no changes in elevation. This trail is one you want to go slow on, so you could make it last longer and look at all the wildlife and murals. If you would like to look at the wildlife or murals up close, you could easily do that by getting off your electric bike. You should also try your best to make it to the end of the trail because you will be able to see the highlight of the trip, an old gothic house built-in 1821.

Bike routes

Not only can you go on a normal bike trail, but you could also go on any bike path/route you see in the city of Toronto. Just like any other big city, Toronto is filled with bike paths almost everywhere you look, meaning that if you don't want to excerpt any energy going to a fancy trail you could always take a trip around your neighborhood on a bike path. If you don't want to just wander around town, you can look at a Toronto cycling map, which shows you all the paths available for you to go on making so you can plan your route easily.


All of the above mentioned trails have some of the nicest scenery and pleasant environments to enjoy for your next e-bike ride.  Some trails are more challenging than others, but all bring with them a wonderful relaxing experience. If you’re eager to get on these trails but still don’t have an e-bike to do so, check out our Movin’ Pulse or Movin’ Tempo electric bike!    Built for all-terrain conditions and equipped with the longest range batteries, to keep you riding for as long as you like. 

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