Top 9 cycling events in Canada 2023/2024 (part 3)

We are glad too see you and this's last part of our list of Besy Cycling Events in Canada

7) TransRockies Gravel Royale

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Hosting 350 riders for a remarkable journey through the Canadian Rockies, TransRockies Gravel Royale stands as a hallmark event in the Transrockies Race Series. Over the span of four days, participants will traverse 407km (252 miles) and ascend 7500m (25,000 feet) on a route that comprises 84% gravel roads. This event has been acclaimed by Strambecco as one of the premier gravel cycling events in the Rockies and among the Best Cycling Events in Canada. However, the 2023 edition had to be called off due to wildfires blazing through the Canadian Rockies.

Event & Course Details

Across four days, cyclists will cover 407km (252 miles) and scale 7500m (25,000 feet), riding predominantly on gravel roads. Each day, or racing stage, is meticulously marked with designated crews and checkpoints stationed to assist participants as required. Two checkpoints per stage are equipped with hydration and nourishment to keep riders fueled. Stages kick off at 8 am and are to be wrapped up within 8 hours, with checkpoints providing updates on progress. Every day of the TransRockies Gravel Royale unveils breathtaking vistas across high mountain passes along with potential encounters with local wildlife. It's important to note the advice on the event's website about carrying bear spray and a folding saw for protection. Here's an outline of each course:

Day One – Stage 1 – The Tegart Pass route commences from Panorama and leads to Nipika, spanning 81km (50 miles) and climbing 2,100m (6,900 feet). Tegart Pass is generally clear of snow from October to June, setting the stage for an August adventure, though riders might encounter logs and rocks. The uphill ride is a double-track with certain stretches requiring riders to dismount. Downhill segments offer single-track sections which might be too steep for some riders, urging caution especially as it's just the inaugural stage!

Day Two – Stage 2 – Miller Pass maintains the ride within Nipika, covering 83km (51 miles) with an ascent of 1,500m (4,900 feet). Known for its challenges at North Boundary, this route has limited visibility and stream crossings between Miller Pass and Albert River FSR, potentially necessitating dismounts. This stage also features a rough downhill double-track section requiring moderated speeds.

Day Three – Stage 3 – Riding through Little Elk Pass from Nipika to Canal Flats extends the journey to 108km (67 miles) with a climb of 1,500m (4,900 feet). Riders should be vigilant of logging truck traffic along this route. A downhill segment on this course houses drainage ditches that could pose hazards at high speeds.

Day Four – Stage 4 – Hartley Pass stretches from Canal Flats to Fernie, posing the greatest challenge with a distance of 135km (84 miles) and the highest climb of 2,400m (7,900 feet). The course also encompasses high stream crossings, urging caution, especially on bridges. The final descent necessitates watchfulness for potholes and uphill vehicle traffic.

TransRockies Gravel Royale is open to 350 riders with three race formats on offer: 2-Day, 3-Day, and 4-Day Royal Flush. Registration for this coveted event opens annually in September, with half of the early bird spots earmarked for female riders. The registration fee encompasses breakfast and dinner on race days, tent camping for registered nights, luggage transportation, hot showers, race timing, and results. A grand banquet awaits all participants and supporters at the end in Fernie, celebrating the racers and the best times across all categories. Registrants are also gifted a TransRockies Gravel Royale Starter Jersey, a belt buckle, and Finisher Shirt. Additional services available for purchase include a Mechanical Package, Massage Package, Solo Tent Upgrade, and transportation options across various stage locations.

Area Lodging & Activities

The majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains have stood as Canada's crown jewel for countless years, offering a blend of stunning natural beauty and challenging terrains. TransRockies Gravel Royale honors this tradition by welcoming gravel racers to four distinctive communities, each a symbol of the nation's rich culture, welcoming hospitality, and adventurous spirit. Panorama Mountain Resort is a cherished destination for athletes all year round, offering a quaint village atmosphere at the mountain base, serving as an idyllic center for adventure enthusiasts. Over at Nipika Mountain Resort, sustainability and adventure go hand in hand. The resort offers breathtaking views of the Kootenay and Cross River valleys alongside a robust 100-kilometre trail network, making it a haven for cross country skiing and mountain biking aficionados. Canal Flats, a village steeped in history yet looking towards the future, is situated between the robust Columbia and untamed Kootenay rivers. With its burgeoning tech scenes, Canal Flats showcases progressive growth while cherishing its adventurous origins. Lastly, Fernie, a cherished location from the TransRockies’ past, stands as a global hub for mountain biking enthusiasts. Encircled by the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies, its extensive trail network and all-year biking possibilities make it a coveted destination for cycling enthusiasts. Don’t forget to explore the official lodging options available for each stage.

The essence of TransRockies Gravel Royale extends beyond racing, encapsulated in its vibrant camp life. After an exhaustive day on the trails, the camp morphs into more than just a spot for respite—it blossoms into a sanctuary of friendship, ease, and tranquility. Ready tents, prepared meals, and a specialized bike wash station ensure both riders and their bikes are refreshed for the adventures that lay ahead. Registered Massage Therapists are at hand to alleviate the day’s strains, while premium offerings from Gu Energy Labs along with an assortment of fresh fruits and snacks guarantee racers are adequately nourished. As evenings settle in, the camp metamorphoses into ‘Chillville’. A concoction of drinks, snacks, music, and a hearty campfire lays the foundation for recounting the day’s exploits, hearty laughs, and the forging of enduring friendships.

The backbone of any esteemed race is its support framework, and the TransRockies team ensures nothing is overlooked. They warmly welcome racers at the finish line with refreshments and ensure their luggage is ready and waiting. The TransRockies Mechanic Team is perpetually ready for action. The shower truck, though with a gentle reminder to save water, stands by. Round-the-clock medical support and a range of meal options cater to diverse tastes, encapsulating a support system that allows racers to solely concentrate on their ride.

For a gravel cycling aficionado, the TransRockies Gravel Royale presents an unparalleled opportunity to traverse the Canadian Rockies in a new light, to bask in the hospitality of its close-knit communities, and to foster memories resonating with the excitement of the journey and the warmth of freshly forged friendships.

8) RBC Gran Fondo Whistler

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One of North America's premier and extensively celebrated Gran Fondos, the RBC Gran Fondo Whistler, is set to mark its 14th anniversary in 2023. Distinguished by Strambecco as one of the pinnacle road cycling events in the Northwest and among the crème de la crème of cycling events in Canada, this event stands apart due to its point-to-point trail from Vancouver to Whistler, offering breathtaking scenery and an unobstructed, vehicle-free route along the Sea to Sky Highway. The adept team at RBC Gran Fondo ensures a top-tier experience from inception to finale.

Event & Course Details

The RBC Gran Fondo Whistler is a dream for road cycling enthusiasts, offering a blend of challenge and picturesque allure, set in the captivating backdrop of Vancouver, Canada. The journey begins amidst the verdant expanses of Stanley Park in Vancouver, stretching 76 miles onwards to Whistler Village, painting a picturesque narrative of nature's grandeur. As cyclists traverse the iconic Lions Gate Bridge and the renowned Sea-to-Sky highway, they are treated to unmatched scenic delights before reaching their destination at Whistler. The juxtaposition of the vast Pacific Ocean and towering mountain ranges, alongside glimpses of the Sunshine Coast, offers a visual feast.

The event unfolds through three primary categories, with the signature Gran Fondo route leading the charge. This conventional route measures 76 miles, challenging participants with an ascent of 7,546 feet, commencing at 7 am with five well-positioned rest stops for replenishment. A nostalgic spin is the Classic Bikes Category, where riders on vintage bikes—those manufactured before 1987—can tackle the standard Gran Fondo route. Embracing the same distance, this 6,234-foot climb melds a sense of yesteryear with endurance challenges.

For the adventure-seekers, the Forte route, covering 95 miles and an awe-inspiring elevation of 10,170 feet, sets forth at 6 am. This trail ventures beyond the standard Gran Fondo pathway, introducing an additional 2,871-foot Category 1 climb up the North Shore’s Cypress Bowl Road towards the Cypress Mountain ski area, followed by an exhilarating descent reconnecting them with the Gran Fondo entrants en route to Whistler.

The Medio route, a more accommodating choice spanning 34 miles with a 2,740-foot climb, originates and concludes in Whistler, making it suitable for families and riders of varied expertise. The welcoming of e-bikes ensures inclusivity.

Furthermore, the event hosts a team-centric challenge, the St. Regis Cup Teams Race, with distances mirroring the Gran Fondo. Teams of 5-8 riders champion the spirit of friendship and vibrant competition.

A dedicated lane devoid of traffic accompanies riders throughout, a unique occurrence yearly, shared with over 5,000 participants. The path is enlivened by a robust support from volunteers, spectators, live bands, and DJs. The meticulous support is noteworthy, with abundantly stocked rest stops, roving mechanics, and the distinctive Classic and Forte categories, catering to every cyclist’s preference.

The conclusion of the ride marks the beginning of revelry. Whistler's Celebration Plaza morphs into a celebration hub from 10 am to 5 pm, adorned with live music and culinary indulgences. For the younger attendees, the CyclingBC’s HopOn initiative offers engagement, while Alta Classe extends a luxurious VIP experience, inclusive of massages, for post-ride relaxation.

In its essence, the RBC Gran Fondo Whistler transcends being merely a ride; it’s a yearly pilgrimage that embodies the very soul of cycling enthusiasm.

Lodging & Activities

Nearby Both Vancouver and Whistler abound with lodging options, making it tempting to extend the RBC Gran Fondo Whistler event into a weekend escapade. The meticulous organization of the event by the RBC Gran Fondo Whistler team stretches to offering diverse travel services for participants requiring transit to and from Vancouver/Whistler, particularly for the VeloSpoke Bike Expo on Friday and the event wrap-up on Saturday. VeloFix stands as the official mechanical support ally, assisting in getting your bike ready and packed up post-event for shipping. Vancouver also houses other local bike shops like West Point Cycles, The Original Bike Shop, and Obsession.

Vancouver, a city revered for its natural allure including mountains, the sea, and the expansive Stanley Park, extending over 1,000 acres, is a haven for visitors. It flaunts stellar dining, retail, and entertainment offerings in a congenial, safe, and eco-conscious setting conducive for walking and cycling. A broad spectrum of hotels and vacation rentals are available to suit various preferences. Don't miss exploring Eater's recommended restaurant pit-stops while in town.

A mere two-hour drive northward lands you in Whistler, a preeminent mountain resort, guaranteeing a memorable experience with its pedestrian-centric village and plethora of activities. Suggested hotels encompass Summit Lodge, the Listel Hotel, and Crystal Lodge, while the vicinity also offers a rich selection of vacation rentals for those seeking a homely ambiance, along with distinctive camping options in the broader Whistler region. The mountain township boasts a vibrant culinary scene appealing to all palates, warranting a visit to some of its famed spots.

The dawn of September in British Columbia brings forth a harmonious meld of late-summer warmth with soft whispers of the forthcoming autumn, presenting an idyllic period for outdoor aficionados to delve into the natural splendors of Vancouver and Whistler.

Sandwiched between the glistening Pacific Ocean and the formidable Coastal Mountains, Vancouver is a jewel enticing the adventurous spirit. Popular pursuits include cycling around the iconic Seawall of Stanley Park. Spanning over 5.5 miles (8.8 km), this trail presents sweeping vistas of the city, mountains, and ocean. The well-preserved path, surrounded by age-old cedar trees and the gentle lapping of waves, offers a tranquil yet invigorating setting. For maritime enthusiasts, a kayaking adventure in English Bay is imperative. The bay’s tranquil waters are inviting for both novices and veteran paddlers. Additionally, embarking on the “Mother Nature’s Staircase”, the Grouse Grind, is a rigorous 1.8-mile (2.9 km) climb up Grouse Mountain. While it’s a leg-intensive exercise, the summit unveils breathtaking views of the city, complemented by a relaxing gondola descent.

Transitioning northwards to Whistler, you'll find alpine allure that transitions into a haven for mountain bikers as summer melts the snow away. The Bike Park features trails catering to all proficiency levels, from gentle green trails for novices to demanding black diamond trails challenging even the adept riders. The Peak-to-Peak Gondola adventure, bridging Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb, stands as the world's loftiest lift of its ilk, unveiling awe-inspiring views of the valleys, woods, and lakes beneath. Finally, trail running enthusiasts will find joy sprinting through the alpine meadows. Especially by early September, with snow mostly retreated, the meadows burst with vibrant colors. The High Note Trail, commencing from Whistler Mountain's summit, is a trail runner's delight, offering challenging terrain amidst picturesque alpine scenery with the iconic Black Tusk looming in the backdrop.

9) Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo

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The Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo, held annually in the picturesque Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, holds the distinction of being the first gravel fondo in Western Canada and is regarded as one of the most scenic gravel fondos in North America. The event is a notable feature in the Gran Fondo World Tour - Gravel Series and is a part of the revered Triple Crown Gravel Series. It has been recognized by Stambecco as a top Gravel Grinder both in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Event & Route Details

The Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo is not just a tribute to gravel cycling but also to the rich heritage and enchanting scenery of the Okanagan Valley. The race kicks off in Penticton, near Lake Okanagan at Okanagan Lake Park, and concludes in East Kelowna. En route, cyclists are treated to the breathtaking sights and landscapes of the valley while challenging their endurance.

The event is staged on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, a multipurpose recreational pathway once linked to the Canadian Pacific Railway. The trail, with a gentle maximum grade of 2.2%, traverses Myra Canyon Provincial Park and provides sweeping views of pristine lakes, meadows adorned with wildflowers, historic trestles, and cool decommissioned railway tunnels.

Participants have the choice of three distances: the Medio Fondo (around 50kms) for novices or casual cyclists, the Full Fondo (around 100kms) for intermediate to seasoned cyclists, and the Full Fondo Plus (around 138+ km) for the adept cyclist. Additionally, a two-day stage race spans 112 km from Princeton to Penticton on the first day and 100 km from Penticton to Kelowna on the second day.

Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo welcomes cyclists of varying fitness levels and expertise. Although gravel or cyclo-cross bikes are the most common, some riders opt for mountain, road, touring, or hybrid bikes. Notably, suspension mountain bikes aren't essential for this event, but it’s recommended to have wider tires with lower pressure and disc brakes for enhanced comfort and grip.

Upon completion, cyclists are greeted with a festive gathering featuring a hearty post-race meal, chilled beer, a commemorative T-shirt, a bottle of wine, and a wealth of raffle prizes. Both individual and team contests are part of the event, with teams consisting of either two or four members. Results are based on the combined times of all team riders.

Local Lodging & Activities

The Okanagan Valley is famous for its sun-drenched landscapes, captivating lakes, and premium vineyards. This fruitful locale, often dubbed as Canada’s wine country, crafts award-winning wines amidst a backdrop of outstanding natural splendor. It’s a popular destination for both outdoor adventurers and wine connoisseurs, offering a plethora of recreational pursuits alongside exquisite wine tastings. It's highly recommended to extend the Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo experience into a vacation.

Riders participating in the Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo will find abundant accommodations in both Penticton, the starting point, and East Kelowna, the endpoint. In Penticton, hotels like the Penticton Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre, Fairfield Inn & Suites, and Kettle Valley Beach Resort are great choices. In East Kelowna, Eldorado Resort, The Royal Kelowna, and Holiday Inn Express are welcoming options. Moreover, numerous vacation rental options are available in both towns for those seeking a homely ambiance. For camping enthusiasts, the broader area offers some unique camping spots to explore.

The Okanagan Valley’s culinary scene is a delightful blend of farm-to-table freshness paired with innovative cuisine, heavily influenced by its rich vineyard culture. The valley’s diverse dining establishments range from high-end restaurants to quaint bistros, all inspired by its agricultural roots and the multicultural blend of its community. Don’t miss out on exploring the local favorite eateries in Penticton and East Kelowna.

Nestled amidst rolling hills and tranquil lakes, the Okanagan Valley is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Knox Mountain, situated at the heart of Kelowna, presents trails suitable for casual strollers and avid hikers alike. The summit of this mountain offers awe-inspiring panoramic views of the city, Okanagan Lake, and the surrounding valley. The renowned Apex Trail leads to the summit, letting hikers delve into the local flora and fauna, with multiple viewpoints along the way making it a favorite among both locals and tourists. Moreover, the expansive Okanagan Lake with its crystal-clear waters is a haven for kayakers and paddlers, offering both calm inlets for gentle paddling and open waters for a more adventurous experience.

Lastly, the month of September marks the grape harvest season, making it an ideal time to explore the valley’s world-class wineries on a bicycle. Venture on a self-guided tour along the wine trails, including the popular Lakeshore Wine Route, to truly experience the essence of this magnificent valley.


And so concludes the extensive list of Cycling Events in Canada. At Movin Mobility, as members of the cycling community, we are thrilled to realize that in Canada, there are 12 hectares of forest and 20 hectares of non-water territories per person - this provides a vast amount of space for organizing an increasing number of new cycling events, as this is one of the few modes of transport that are completely eco-friendly. That's exactly why we chose electric bikes to help you cover greater distances with the least increase in bicycle weight. Visit us at 654 College Street, Toronto (Movin Mobility), and see for yourself that our e-bikes are worthy representatives of the cycling community in Canada.

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