Toronto Naked Bike Rides


The inaugural Naked Bike Ride took place in Zaragoza, Spain, in 2001. Conrad Schmidt, inspired by his organization of the Naked Bike Rides for Artists for Peace/Artists Against War (AFP/AAW) and other significant political/media events earlier that year, initiated the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in 2003. This led to the formation of The Work Less Party of British Columbia.

The WNBR began to gain momentum through collaborations with various activist groups and individuals globally. The first official WNBR event in 2004 was a joint effort between the WNBR group on June 12 and the Manifestación Ciclonudista in Spain on June 19, setting a tradition of holding these events on a Saturday close to the solstice. While most rides occur in February and March in the Southern Hemisphere, a few are scheduled at different times throughout the year.

Before the first WNBR in June 2004, AFP/AAW and Manifestación Ciclonudista were separately organizing similar political demonstrations with almost the same message against oil dependency, unaware of each other's existence until they started collaborating months before the WNBR.

In 2004, the WNBR was celebrated in 28 cities across 10 countries on four continents.


world naked ride

Protesters gathered outside a courthouse on February 17, 2005, to support Simon Oosterman, the organizer of Auckland's 2005 World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), who was arrested. The event and similar ones often raise issues such as road sharing, health, efficiency, sustainability, and the legality of public nudity.

Road Sharing and Awareness

Critics of large cycling events like Critical Mass argue they disrupt traffic, but participants respond by emphasizing their right to the road, advocating for "living streets" and safer conditions for all cyclists, including commuters, students, and police officers on bikes.

Health, Efficiency, and Sustainability

WNBR participants promote the use of bicycles as the most efficient form of personal transport. They argue against the societal preference for vehicles, citing the negative impacts of oil dependency, including war, climate change, and loss of life. The event supports bicycle transportation, renewable energy, and sustainable living solutions.

WNBR's Approach and Criticism

While some cycling activists believe WNBR trivializes serious issues like oil dependency and cyclists' rights, organizers contend that the event's fun and creative nature is an effective way to engage the public. They argue that by using their bodies in protest, they challenge societal norms and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

world naked rides

Body Positivity and Public Reaction

The event, involving naked or topfree participants, has faced criticism from those offended by public nudity. However, WNBR advocates for body positivity, arguing that non-sexualized nudity can be a powerful statement against body shaming and for self-empowerment.

Legality and Policing

The legal response to WNBR varies, with some police departments facilitating the event, while others adopt a neutral or obstructive stance. Public nudity laws are often vague, leading to different approaches in different locales.

Arrests and Legal Precedents Arrests at WNBR events are rare but have occurred in places like Auckland, North Conway, and Chicago. Charges typically range from indecent exposure to public indecency, with varying legal outcomes. Simon Oosterman, the Auckland organizer, was acquitted of indecent exposure, reinforcing the movement's message against vehicle emissions.

Cultural and Legal Acceptance The success of WNBR in many cities is attributed to the ambiguous nature of nudity laws and the event's emphasis on creativity and choice in participant attire. The movement challenges the notion of indecency in nudity, arguing that the shame lies in societal attitudes and restrictive laws rather than in the human body itself.

Conrad Schmidt, an organizer from Vancouver, British Columbia, shared an amusing encounter with a police officer who deemed his attire indecent. Schmidt retorted that the officer's opinion was the indecent aspect, highlighting the organizers' belief in challenging laws they view as infringing on personal freedoms.

Police Reactions and Public Perception Organizers note that police often avoid confronting large groups of peaceful, naked participants due to the potential embarrassment. For instance, when the City of Seattle threatened to revoke the Fremont Arts Council's permit for the Summer Solstice Parade in 2001 due to the increasing number of naked cyclists, public support for the cyclists grew. The cyclists became more popular, especially after agreeing to participate in a way that aligned with the event's spirit, using costumes, body paint, and bike decorations.

Approach to Confrontation and Outreach Participants are advised to respond to police or aggression without hostility, using humor instead. The philosophy is that it's hard to remain angry at a cheerful, naked person on a bicycle. The event emphasizes "riding loud and being proud," and is deliberately organized in public areas for broader outreach, rather than in secluded or specialized venues like nudist clubs. Promotion is grassroots, utilizing online platforms and local, alternative media.

Concerns About Public Nudity and Its Impact While some worry that public nudity at events like WNBR might threaten more private forms of clothing-optional freedom or lead to restrictive legislation, there has been no significant backlash from these events. Many participants feel empowered, viewing their involvement as a response to living in a restrictive society where their concerns are often ignored.

Unique Participation In a notable instance, William and Edward Stevens joined the WNBR during their Tall Bike Tour Britain, a journey around Britain on tall bikes. Although they were in the Scottish borders at the time of the London event, they showed their support by sending a pack of postcards to the London event, illustrating their participation.

Toronto Naked Rides

There's been a surge of interest in recent years - in part because of the radical trajectory the Canadian federal government has taken against ecological, economic and financial sustainability. Canada is running itself into the ground in every way imaginable in order to pad the pockets of a few; a policy more typical of third world failing states. If it feels like there's a strong political headwind, there is, leaving only one option for those of us who care about ourselves, our home planet and all future generations: to pedal harder, inspire and prevail.

It would be great if someone could take the time to research for missed media from previous years - there's probably a lot of interesting material to dig up.

Toronto Naked Ride 2024

It is just going to get better. June 8th. Mark your calendars. We will eliminate portions of the route that are dead zones. Sugar Beach will be a hydration stop, and Trinity Bellwoods Park will have a washroom, and hydration stop. We will also again include the Trinity area into the ride. Allan Gardens may be removed.

toronto naked ride 2024
Poster 8x10 size by Gene Dare. 

Toronto Naked Ride 2023

It is just going to get bigger and better. June 10th. Mark your calendars. We did it. Another massive ride, and over 3 hours long.

Toronto Naked Ride 2022

This will be our biggest ride yet, and it was; the longest route and longest time; 1pm-4:30pm. The unofficial quick headcount showed up to 200 cyclists. Many joined us along the way. Slowly the pandemic has cleared up and the city will be more vibrant, and it was. They are depending on us.

Riding on June 11th. Our third pandemic protest ride is on schedule. Just show up and ride. Do the mask and bicycle distancing thing like you did in 2021. We had many successful pandemic rides; TORONTO, MONTREAL, AND VANCOUVER. Facebook has been giving us problems again so get your info here if you don't see it there. Facebook is so unreliable, prejudice and bias contradicting their own rules and overall, they still shame the nipple; unless you are breastfeeding, in a painting, or have been ravaged by a disease.

We will be by-passing the ferry docks and heading to the CN TOWER. The protest will end at Coronation Park. Unfortunately we had to skip Sugar Beach due to major road construction, but we added Trinity Bellwoods Park in its place. WNBR Toronto Video Promotion 2021 A Gene Dare Production

Toronto Naked Ride 2021

This will be our biggest ride yet. Slowly the pandemic has cleared up and the city will be more vibrant. They are depending on us.

toronto naked ride 2021
Poster 8x10 size by Gene Dare. 
Riding on June 12th. Our second pandemic protest ride is on schedule. Just show up and ride. Do the mask and bicycle distancing thing like you did in 2020. We had 3 successful pandemic rides last year; TORONTO, MONTREAL, AND VANCOUVER. Facebook has been giving us problems again so get your info here if you don't see it there. Facebook is so unreliable, prejudice and bias contradicting their own rules and overall, they still shame the nipple; unless you are breastfeeding, in a painting, or have been ravaged by a disease. WNBR Toronto Video Promotion 2021 A Gene Dare Production

Toronto Naked Ride 2020

This will be our biggest ride yet. Just some 2020 vision! Riding on June 20th. WNBR Toronto Video Promotion 2020 A Gene Dare Production

Toronto Naked Ride 2019

We are looking forward to riding on June 8th. WNBR Toronto Video Promotion 2019 A Gene Dare Production

BLOGTO 2019 Click here

Toronto GRAND PRIX TOURIST 2019 Click here

Toronto Naked Ride 2018

toronto naked ride 2018
WNBR 2018 poster 8x10 size by Gene Dare. 

Toronto Video Promotion 2018 A Gene Dare Production

Toronto Naked Ride 2017

WNBR Toronto Video Promotion 2017 A Gene Dare Production

Toronto Naked Ride 2016

WNBR Toronto Video Promotion 2016 A Gene Dare Production

Toronto Naked Ride 2015

toronto naked ride 2015
WNBR 2015 poster by Leif Harmsen

Naked News 2015 Naked News

World Naked Bike Ride: Photo Gallery Ethan Eisenburg, Now Magazine

World Naked Bike Ride Toront James Hamilton, Toronto Grand Prix Tourist

5 Facts to Entice Your Participation In The World Naked Bike Ride Beach Mirror, Inside Toronto

Photo Album Eric Parker

Photo Album Phil Marion

WNBR 2015 Toronto Promotional Movie 1 Gene Dare

WNBR 2015 Toronto Promotional Movie 2 Gene Dare

Toronto Naked Ride 2014

The World Naked Bike Ride Jenette Martin, NOW Magazine

I'm guessing around 200 riders came out for the 10th Anniversary Ride, but maybe someone actually counted. The day was lovely, people were in good spirits and enthusiastic. Naked News made a splash at Coronation Park where we gather. Riders were as usual a very mixed lot which is good to see because everyone is welcome. One rider is in his 70's! We did early photo ops at Denison Park in Kensington Market and in front of Queen's Park, in addition to the usual line up in front of City Hall. This year we altered the route slightly to go through Ryerson University where in the courtyard a wedding party was thrilled to death! I got to hold the WNBR championship trophy - the one featured in the new WNBR 2015 Toronto poster - Everyone is a champ at the WNBR - we champion a cleaner and healthier future. A group "peeled off" at the ferry docks and went over to Hanlan's Point Beach for a glorious afternoon in the sun. Press is thin on the ground this year so far, but then again the ride is barely over - more might appear by tomorrow.

Naked News 2014 Naked News

World Naked Bike Ride Toronto Min Lee

Nude Bike Riders Protest on City Streets Marcus Hondro, Digital Journal

Naked Cyclists Streaking Across Toronto Katelyn Verstraten, Toronto Star

Naked Cyclists Streak Across Toronto staff writer, Metro News

Naked Cyclists Ride Through Toronto staff writer, Global News

Naked Cyclists Ride Across Toronto Protest Oil Dependency staff writer, Xinhua News Agency at

Naked Cyclists Ride Across Toronto Against Oil Dependency , Vancouver Desi

World Newsbits for June , Manilla Bulletin

WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE - Promotion Gene Dare

WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE TORONTO .COM WNBR Toronto Photo Archive - a work in progress.

Toronto Naked Ride 2013

WNBR Toronto Social Group The Nook

World Naked Bike Ride hits Toronto, protests oil dependency ... CTV News


WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE - 2013 Slideshow Gene Dare

WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE - Promotion Gene Dare

World Naked Bike Ride in Toronto Toronto Star

Naked cyclists take message to Toronto streets Julia Alexander, Toronto Sun

World Naked Bike Ride hits Toronto, protests oil dependency Globe and Mail

Ride Along WNBR Toronto 2013-540p Enlightened Couples

WNBR Toronto 2013 Naughty Toronto Blog

Coccozella WNBR - Toronto 2013 by Gem

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It’s back. FS Local

Toronto Naked Bike Ride Howard Pang


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World Naked Bike Ride Toronto 2013 Victorinoxs

Toronto Naked Ride 2012

toronto naked ride 2012
WNBR Toronto 2012 poster by Leif Harmsen / WNBR Toronto 2012 PDF Poster

It was a perfect ride - perfect 28C weather, wonderful participants and some good press. Estimates stood between 100 and 200 riders, the press mostly reported 150. It was definitely the largest Toronto WNBR yet. Road construction near the start did not slow us down much. One participant, Oscar, was not even a year old and is probably the youngest participant yet! He seemed to enjoy the 14km ride in the sun - wearing a smart summer outfit while his mom pedalled as most riders did, naked. Some police happened by at the start but once again they did not join us for the ride. Traffic was calm, apart from all the welcome honking and cheering, and respectful. We rode through a giant rummage sale at Trinity Bellwoods, Convocation at U of T and the NXNE music festival at Dundas Square. We ended the ride at the park by the Toronto Island Ferry Docks. Some participants continued back to the starting point while a bunch of us caught a Ferry to the beautiful Toronto Islands, where we enjoyed the long summer late afternoon at Hanlan's Point beach. Toronto looked great and so did we!

Toronto Naked Ride 2011

Despite dire predictions of storms that never materialised, the ride was our biggest ever with approximately 150 ladies and gentlemen on our bicycles. We took a new route that went clockwise throughout the downtown core and passed new landmarks such as University of Toronto's King's College Circle, The Ontario Legislature at Queen's Park where we rode past a wedding that the newly-weds will never forget, and the heart of Canada's Financial District at King and Bay where important and often unsound financial decisions are made about our future and environment. Spirits were high among riders and the cheering public in general. Once again the police did not join us but we handily negotiated traffic ourselves. More media types than ever were present and the ride enjoyed much good and well deserved press.

Toronto Naked Ride 2010

The 2010 Toronto WNBR made a splash! 16C and rain didn't stop 80 or so enthusiastic upbeat people from enjoying the good clean fun protest against fossil fuel dependency. Riders ranged in age from under 10 to near 70 with a good number of both women and men. One couple rode on a side-by-side tandem called the "buddy bike". There was much festive dress-up and body-painting. The police had said that they were going to join us for the ride but they did not; we were able to manage traffic ourselves. The public was most appreciative, perhaps partly because of the terrible oil spill in the Gulf. It only started raining hard at the very end as we arrived at the finishing point.

Toronto Naked Ride 2009

The 2009 Toronto WNBR was a hit! Over 100 women and men came out (110?), including a few that joined spontaneously along the route! Riders ranged from age 16 to near 70 and came from as far away as Ohio! The bicycle police did not join us this year, perhaps because we have always been so orderly that they thought it unnecessary. While we missed their help in guiding traffic on our behalf, a few volunteers were able to assume that role and did so well. Due to street closures for a festival, we took a small detour along Front Street at the start. We somehow took a wrong turn onto College Street near Kensington Market, but managed to quickly get back on route!

Facebook (an infamous privately owned networking website) censored/removed the 2 year old WNBR Toronto Facebook Group but inexplicably left the orphaned WNBR Toronto 2009 Facebook Event that has all the same perfectly innocent content. Facebook and the like have proven to be worse than useless and antagonistic - they have their own corporate anti-humanist agendas which are not compatible with the WNBR - they prop up the myth that humans are obscene and that a new SUV will make you deliriously happy. I reject Facebook because it is unacceptable, k-zap, gone. It parrots people you know to create an illusion that they are somehow helpful for socialising and that you'll be banished if you reject it - they're not and you won't be. Some things one has to do for oneself; socialising is one. It is best to maintain our own emailing lists so that we can contact each other directly, and direct each other and the public to this wiki at

Toronto Naked Ride 2008

toronto naked ride 2008
WNBR 2008 Toronto Poster by Leif Harmsen

The 2008 ride in Toronto was the biggest yet. 75+ women and men participated. Once again the weather was ideal, the police courteous and the public enthusiastic and supportive. Artist Leif Harmsen had created posters to advertise the event, as had another volunteer, and efforts had been made to distribute them around downtown Toronto and online.

Toronto Naked Ride 2007

The 2007 ride in Toronto was the best yet. The weather was ideal. 30+ women and men participated and a new contingent from Hamilton joined up with us shortly after we set out. The police escort was courteous and the public was very supportive and showed much appreciation. The press coverage was generally very good - with a few excellent quotes and a clear reporting of the WNBR mandate and global scope.

Toronto Naked Ride 2006

The 2006 ride in Toronto was plagued by lack of organisation and cold weather, but we ended up having a great time. Someone faxed incorrect info to the Toronto police, who showed up at Coronation Park several hours before the rest of us. They ended up having a very long day, but were good sports about it.

We started gathering around 11:30, and left on our ride at about 13:00. It was only about 14 degrees, but the sun was very intense and it warmed up nicely. We took a nice long winding route through the downtown core, and encountered a warm if low-key reception from the good citizens of Toronto. It's amazing how many people downtown happen to have cameras with them.

Our police escort hung back for the most part, but assisted us through a few intersections and left turns. We look forward to better weather and an increase in numbers for 2007, and hope to have a few women join us.

Edited by John aka Scoutniagara and Spike

Toronto Naked Ride 2005

toronto naked ride 2005

2005 Toronto WNBR pioneers!

Toronto Naked Ride 2004

We had about 40 or 50 riders on the Toronto 2004 ride from Grange Park, but had a difference of opinion from two different police divisions, so for the 2005 ride, after a lack of leadership, a meeting place, Coronation Park was chosen. It worked out well, but we weren't able to advertise in sufficient time to draw more riders. We only had 10 riders, but I think we had a great and successful ride.

Next ride

Date: Saturday 8 June, 2024

Time: Gather at 10 noon. (RIDE AT 1 P.M.) for socializing, body painting (the detailed artists will be there at 10a.m.), bike decorating etc. Bring food to share if you wish. RIDE STARTS AT 1 P.M. rain or shine, following a route along several major streets in the downtown core.

Location: It starts at Coronation Park (by the waterfront at the centre of the park; at the big Canadian flag pole. A couple of backup sites have been chosen nearby just in case are event interferes with an event that has not finished. There are other events going on at Coronation Park. Be respectful. Inukshuk Park, just 200 meters west and worst case, we will meet at the CNE's Prince's Gates, just northwest of Coronation Park; across Lakeshore Ave.)

In order to stay in touch be sure to sign up to get ride updates directly at World Naked Bike Ride, and/or check this Toronto WNBR wiki. Beware that secondary sources may post wrong information like incorrect start times or locations.

Better news! the latest socal media craze; allows nudity. We are at Goodbye facebook! PRIMARY SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE UNCENSORED on MEWE; our primary social media page and Facebook only for advertisements. Facebook's policy states that NAKED PROTESTS ARE ACCEPTABLE, but they do everything to obstruct the ride.

Our advertising blitz for the next year starts right after the ride. We are the only proactive WNBR site that looks forward immediately to the next ride.

Also Twitter hashtag #WNBRToronto .

In the past, Facebook has deleted its Toronto WNBR group just before rides and thereby subverts our event by first attracting new riders then shutting them out. Even if some riders subscribe to Facebook and Facebook happens to own a "Toronto WNBR" page at the moment, don't depend on it or take it seriously; it belongs to Facebook, not to any of us, and it is subject to vanish.

You sometimes encounter opposition to the ride, be polite. If the "preacher" shows up, just tell him that the bible says that God made Adam and Eve "NAKED AND UNASHAMED Genesis 2:25". We don't body shame no one. Every body is beautiful. Our ride is all about love. Leave it at that.

This ride is as safe as the city is. During the pandemic, decorate and wear a mask. Apply social and cycling distancing measures.

As has happened at a Raptor's event, there are things that happen, regardless of how safe you think the city is. The ride is no different. If you feel you need security, bring your own. My recommendation is that if you don't feel safe, then don't ride. Not everybody shares your views about the ride, and some spectators may get extreme; although a rare occurance. The police do not always escort us. The ride is as safe as the city is.

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that we are on the traditional territory of many Nations, including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples, and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. We also acknowledge that Toronto is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit, and the Williams Treaties signed with multiple Mississaugas and Chippewa bands.


If you would like to create and contribute a poster for this ride, please do and share it! We can't be everywhere putting up posters. Get creative, even one hand made poster helps the cause. Lots of riders make their own. A small Canadian Flag and a black magic marker does wonders, even a sheet of paper does the job.

- Spread the news verbally. There are still many people who have not heard about the ride. This is a surprise to me every year.

-Print and put up posters.

-Print hand-bills and attach to parked bikes and hand out.

-If the Metro News boxes are empty, (they're not filled on the weekends), you can slip a poster in the window of the box.

-Email your friends, family and colleagues.

-Post it, blog it, spread the word!


Map: Click for a more detailed map linked to Google's Toronto WNBR + Map

Toronto Naked Ride 2024

Start: Coronation Park by the lake. South of the CNE's Princes Gate. Meet at 12:00 noon, ride 1pm. Bring water and sunblock, and perhaps a picnic lunch and decorating materials. Coronation Park on the waterfront has always served us well as a picturesque and practical gathering/staring point.

Route The clockwise route passes many of Toronto's landmarks and popular areas. Highlights include Trinity Bellwood's Park, Kensington Market, University of Toronto, Queen's Park, Yorkville, Yonge Street, Church Street, Ryerson University, Dundas Square, City Hall and the bank towers on Bay Street. Sugar beach loop. From their we skip the ferry docks and proceed directly to the CN TOWER, from there to H2O beach and back to Coronation Park.

We may altar the route slightly to avoid road construction, because someone has a really good detour idea, or just to shake things up.

Minor Adjustment. When coming down Church, turn left on Carlton to Alan Gardens (turn right) through the park, rest and support another nudity group, then go south through the park turn right (east) on Gerrard.

Also, we will go through Dundas Square twice. When coming down Yonge St. and you pass Dundas St., then turn left 1 block south. Ride to the first street (Dundas), turn left and then turn left again on Yonge St. This will be the busiest intersection we encounter. The TV station is nearby.

Reminder: After the CN TOWER South Side, we scoot west across Queens Quay to H2O Beach loop back to Coronation Park; the starting point.

The ride ends and riders are expected to dress in a reasonable time. The savvy head back dressed to Hanlan's Point Naked Beach.

At the end of the ride, please get dressed. We do not need any police issues.

After the ride some proceed to the Jack Layton Memorial Ferry Docks to visit Toronto's Naked Beach and depart by Ferry where you have to wear clothes until you enter the beach. You can use the ferry or water taxi at a cost. Hanlan's clothing optional beach

What to bring

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Decorations
  • Signs for yourself and your bike
  • Posters
  • Balloons
  • Costumes
  • Noise makers, music, air horns
  • Body paints (Two professional body painters will arrive at 10a.m. Cost: From $20 for basic to

$100 elaborate work, $10 and $20 smaller sizes or bring your own paint and brush.)

  • A personal picnic lunch including beverages for the day
  • Bicycle helmet – let's be good role models!
  • Footwear.
  • Camera

Note: Cycling rules in Toronto have changed. Be mindful that you have a headlight, tail light, reflectors. We want to be role models also.


-Lipstick works great for body paint. Remember, if it is hot outside, they become soft, but last the day.

-Bike carriers. Front or back. They are a safe and convenient way to carry your things.

- Old style potato carving stamps work. Paint your carving with paint or lipstick and stamp it on yourself.

-Funny hats, funny bikes

-Electric bikes are fine, even electric cars. Hoverboards, scooters, etc... We are positive alternative transportation methods.

-Can't ride? Rent a bike taxi. Roller blade.

-This is your event and as such there is neither a dress code nor any kind of fashion-nazi. What and how much you wear (if anything) is entirely your prerogative. Otherwise, what would be the point in being you?


It is perfectly legal for women to go topless in Canada anywhere that a man might, which includes cycling on city streets.

Furthermore, the Crown has acknowledged that participating in an orderly event naked is not illegal, so long as you are wearing something, such as shoes.

And you will also be happy to know that we had a polite and respectful bicycle police escort from 2005 to 2010, who kindly stopped traffic for us on busy left turns, and who did their best to keep us all together as a group.

With the rash of cyclists being killed in 2018, the 3 bicycle police officers were courteous enough to escort the ride and control traffic at intersection. They did a fabulous job and seemed to enjoy themselves also. We are grateful for their help.


At Movin Mobility, we regularly participate in many bicycle events and exhibitions. We are proud that Canada provides opportunities for organizing any events, even the most unusual ones, and people support this. We are happy to be in such a place. If you want to stand out and comfortably complete the entire distance of this event, come to us at: 654 College Street, Toronto. We will show you some of the best electric bikes on the market, which are perfect for this ride.

We took all materials about this event from original websites:

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