Bern Bike Helmets

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    Bern’s guiding principles have always been style, comfort, and protection. As seasoned veterans of outdoor pursuit, they know the value of a lid that looks good, fits right, and doesn’t weigh you down. But style and comfort go right out the window if your skull isn’t protected, which is why Bern helmets are rigorously tested and re-tested to meet the standards of Olympic snowboarders, e-bike explorers, and careful parents of groms that are just getting going. Their cutting-edge innovation means that no matter how intense your stunt (or how wild your child) you can trust that Bern’s got your head covered.
    6 products
    Matte Black Satin White
    Bern Hudson Bike Helmet
    Matte Black Matte White Matte Cyan Matte Electric Purple
    Bern Major Bike Helmet with Mips
    from $135.00
    Matte Black Gloss White
    Berns FL-1 Pave Bike Helmet with Mips
    Matte Black Satin White Matte Sand Tan Matte Blush Pink +1
    Bern Brentwood 2.0 Bike Helmet (Mips)
    from $83.00
    Matte Black Matte Sand Tan Matte Mint Turquoise
    Bern Macon 2.0 Bike Helmet (Mips)
    from $68.00
    Gloss White Matte Black
    Bern FL-1 Libre Bike Helmet