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Pulse - Fat Tire Electric Bike


Very good and fast e bike


I bought this scooty and there was issue with controller and brakes after 20 days.Even the service for maintainence was too slow. Worst experience even.

Great for getting around the campus

I'm a first year student on a huge campus and needed something to get me from one class to another effortlessly because it is always too cold to walk, so I purchased this scooter. Very helpful and I had no issues with it yet.

orange is cool

Love how the orange colour stands out everywhere I can never lose this bike


Good bike I really like it

Exceptional handling

Long-lasting battery and super stylish colour option, loving it! Very smart touch adding the rear rack for additonal storage. Big thanks to the customer service team for their support!

Easy to learn to use

Me and my husband are 63 and 65 years old and we just couldn't handle car ownership anymore in a big city, so we sold it and got one of these for both of us. The seat extensions make this just like riding a bike and it is super fun!

Dual battery

It shocked me how long this bike really lasts. I am so happy I spent that little bit of more money it was so worth it.

Good features and fair prices

Incredible scooter than I am liking so far. I got a very good deal on it thanks to their sales person, Rohit.

Music and biking

Its so fun to just go late at night on this thing and listen to music while driving in the empty streets.

Convenient and Easy to Use

The folding feature is so effective for storage, I live in a small apartment and don't have the space for a scooter, but the folding feature makes it half the size to easily fit.

Great customer service

I had issues with my bike but that didnt matter cuz the popele at the store fixed it and helped me with all my questions.

Loud braking

Perfect for daily use. Bike battery lasts a long time, rear rack is good for storage, and tires are good for any season. Only complaint is that the braking is loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to hear.

Good scooter but needs more colours

The scooter has good range, speed, handling and build quality. However I wish they could make more colour options, as black is very dark and makes it hard to detect at night for safety purposes. Otherwise, I am satisfied so far.

Escapes traffic

I love this bike because I hate the Toronto traffic. Its is easy to maneuver through everyone and everything and get where I want to be quicker than most cars could in this city. I love this bike

Worth Every Penny

Worth every penny! The bike is well-built, and the customer service was exceptional, totally recommend.

I don't feel safe when riding it

The bike when on rainy or snowy roads can get very shaky and slippery, and I don't feel safe when going anything over 30km/h. However I love the ebike for any other occasion, and customer service is awesome!

Reliable and Fast

I've been using this scooter for my daily commute now after selling my car for the burden it placed upon me, and it has proven to be much more effiecent than a car. I get to my destination in half the time and save so much money.

Helpful Customer Service team

The customer service team has been incredibly supportive and responsive when I had troubles with the scooter's acceleration being very unresponsive

Whole family loves it!

I got this bike for mysef to go to work everyday but everyone in my family keeps hogging it its that amazing. I might have to get them all one hahaha

Makes life easier

This bike really makes my life easier.

Fantastic ride

The ride on this bike is fantastic! It's smooth, fast, and the battery lasts a long time. The rear rack is a life saver when I am carrying storage. Kudos to the customer service team for their exceptional support!

Long battery life

The long-lasting battery ensures that I never have to worry about running out of power during my rides, unlike my old $300 Costco ebike.