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I haven’t got my bike yet. How much more holding time?

Movin' Pulse - Fat Tire Electric Bike

Great Battery Life

The battery life on this e-bike is impressive. I can go on long rides without worrying about running out of power.

Energy-Efficient Joy

Riding my electric scooter is not just energy-efficient; it's pure joy. It's an uplifting experience that brightens my daily routine.

Stylish and Comfortable

The stylish orange color of the Movin' Tempo Ultimate caught my eye, and it didn't disappoint. I liked it so much I even got one for my brother for Christmas and he loves it just as much.

Economical and Earth-Friendly

My electric scooter is not just economical; it's earth-friendly. It's a small investment with a big impact on my wallet and the environment.

Great for Daily Commuting

The Movin' Tempo Ultimate is a fantastic choice for daily commuting. It's reliable, easy to handle and the electric assist makes riding so fun!

First E-Scooter

This is the first scooter I have ever bought. It is probbably going to be the only one I ever buy. I have had 0 issues with it so far and love using it about everyday. Im going to hate when winter comes because I hate going out in the cold but I will survive.

Affordable Fun

Affordable and fun – my electric scooter proves that enjoyment doesn't have to break the bank. It's a cost-effective source of joy!


The brakes are not that strong for me. I feel like if I have to stop immediatly It wouldnt brake fast enough for me and that would not be good.

Heck yea

This scooter is the one for me. I bought sooo many scooters and e bikes and this one from movin is the best. Love the customer service as well.

Cool design

Love the black colour on this its so nice.

Stylish Color Options

Love how many colours I can choose, super styish!

Lovely colours

Love the blue colour which really sets it apart from other e-bikes and gets tons of compliments.

Great for Commuting and Exercise

Using this e-bike for both commuting and exercise has been a game-changer. It serves multiple purposes and has made me more motivated to exercise lately, you just turn off the motor and pedal yourself.

Amazing staff who helped with the assembly

The bike came partially-assembled, and they assembled it for us fully. The staff was so kind, respectful and explained everything to me perfectly.

Tires are really good for all seasons

The tires are great for all the seasons. They have good traction and I don’t typically worry about slips or punctures.

Braking and

Braking is so smooth compared to other e-bikes that I have ride on. When I brake, their are no unpleasant screeches or bumpiness.


Compliment getter bike great for all sorts of terrains.

Features are great for food delivery

Great ebike with long range for my food delivery job.

Features are great for everyday use

I bought the bike after being convinced by the amazing features. The employees are very accommodating and helpful. They explained everything to me about the bike whenever I had questions.

Perfect for Daily Commute

This ebike is perfect for my daily commute. The orange color stands out, and is visible to drivers at night. The bike's range is impressive. No issues encountered so far.

Evening Ride Delight

My electric scooter transforms evening rides into a delightful experience. The city lights and the quiet hum of the scooter create a serene atmosphere.

So much deck space

I have some really big feet. Size 13 to be exact. But my feet fit perfectly on the deck of this scooter so I was honeslty surprised. I had to buy it immedieatly it is actaully perfect so light and easy to move around too.

Customer service

The scooter itself was amazing but the customer service expeeded expectaitons! Everyone was so nice and they fixed my problem for FREE.