Movin' Tempo
Lightweight City Electric Bike




Movin' Tempo
Lightweight City Electric Bike

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  • Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 995 Integrated Chain Lock


  • Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Chain Lock


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Commute, Work, or Just Ride. Set the Tempo

buy city ebike toronto

Convenient. Light. Efficient. That's Tempo

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Lightweight Frame

Our frame is forged from aircraft aluminum, sitting on our signature mag wheels. Zip through the city with a 50lb bike including the battery.

How this works
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Puncture-Resistant Tires

Thick tread will keep you riding through the winter, with a protective mesh layer preventing unecessary flat tires.

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No Range Anxiety

Equipped with a long-range battery that lasts up to 110km on one charge

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Putting your safety first

Tempo’s Tektro hydraulic brake system will give you all the stopping power you need with minimal effort.

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Lightweight Frame

Here’s how frame benefits your ride1

Forged from aircraft-grade aluminum and paired with our iconic magnesium alloy wheels,
our Tempo frame is a lightweight speed demon, ready to whisk you through the city from A to

Puncture Resistant Tires

Here’s how our tires ensure a worry free commute 2

The Tempo e-bike is equipped with high-performance puncture-resistant tires, fortified with a resilient mesh lining. This innovative mesh layer acts as an additional barrier, reinforcing the tire's resistance to punctures caused by pesky sharp objects like glass, large staples, metal and others. The puncture resistance enhances durability for a reliable and low-maintenance commuting experience.

Magnesium Alloy Rims

Here’s how Magnesium Alloy Rims benefit your rides 3

  • strong and lightweight platform for the tires which makes the bike more efficient and easier to handle.
  • Additionally, the lightweight rims help to reduce the overall weight of the bike, making it easier to pedal and maneuver.
  • absorb shock and vibration
  • help to improve the rider's comfort and reduce fatigue especially when riding on rough terrain or at high speeds.

Magnesium Alloy Rims

Here’s how Magnesium Alloy Rims benefit your rides 4

Elevate your e-bike's braking performance with Tektro's cutting-edge 160mm hydraulic disc brakes. These precision-engineered stoppers ensure outstanding modulation and stopping power, thanks to their hydraulic fluid operation, making them an essential safety feature for your electric ride.

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How our brand fine tunes every bike for quality, safety and performance

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  • Each Tempo e-bike is fitted with a 500 watt integrated motor, encased in our signature mag wheels and rolling on our puncture resistant tires


  • an anti rust NMC chain connects the shimano altus derailleur to the prowheel crankset, delivering reliable rides with every turn of the pedal


  • our semi integrated 17.5Ah li-ion battery sits in our lightweight aluminum grade frame. Lighter frame means longer range and nimble handling, perfect for urban jungles or light trails


  • RST-Guide Suspension Front Fork


  • tektro hydraulic disc brakes 160mm rotor


  • double lined tires with protective mesh

Rear Rack

  • Sturdy rear rack capable of carrying 25kg of cargo. Secure your basket, groceries, bag and other belongings for a smooth ride.


  • Bright 20lux light keeps you riding at night. Responsive rear light also installed, with reflective strips on the wheel

jQuery Accordion

What’s in the box

Charger, toolkit, manual and a tire pump, battery, and your e-bike disassembled.


1 year warranty from date of purchase. 14 day return policy if bike in new condition.

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Our friendly team is here to help you every step of the way fom pre-purchase guidance to after-sales support!

Movin’ at your service

Our friendly team is here to help you every step of the way fom pre-purchase guidance to after-sales support!

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