eBike Phone Holder - Shopping Guide

A phone holder for bikes is a device designed to securely attach a smartphone to a bicycle's handlebars or stem. This accessory allows cyclists to easily view and access their phones while riding, without needing to stop and remove the phone from a pocket or bag. Phone holders are particularly useful for navigating with GPS, monitoring fitness apps, tracking ride statistics, listening to music, or even taking calls hands-free. 

The design of a bike phone holder typically ensures that the phone is held firmly in place, preventing it from shaking loose or falling out, even on rough terrain or at high speeds. Most models also allow for quick attachment and removal of the phone, making it convenient for cyclists to take their phones with them when leaving their bikes.

Additionally, bike phone holders are designed to accommodate a wide range of smartphone sizes and styles, often featuring adjustable grips or mounts. Many also offer some degree of protection against the elements, like rain or dust, and provide clear screen visibility and easy access to phone ports and buttons. The goal is to enhance the cycling experience by making it easy and safe to use a smartphone's features on the go.

Why its necessary to have high quality Bike Phone Holder

Having a high-quality bike phone holder is essential for several compelling reasons, especially in today’s context where smartphones serve as navigational aids, fitness trackers, and communication devices even while cycling. Here's why investing in a high-quality bike phone holder is necessary:

1. Secure Mounting

  • Safety for Your Device: A high-quality holder will ensure your smartphone is securely mounted to your bike, protecting it from falls or slips that could occur with less reliable holders, especially on rough terrains or during high-speed rides.

2. Durability

  • Longevity: Premium materials and construction mean a high-quality holder is more likely to withstand the elements, vibrations, and wear and tear over time, offering better value in the long run.

3. Vibration Damping

  • Protect Your Phone: High-quality holders often feature some form of vibration damping to protect your phone’s internal components from damage caused by continuous shaking and bouncing while riding.

4. Ease of Use

  • Convenient Access: A well-designed phone holder allows for easy insertion and removal of your smartphone, as well as simple adjustments, enabling you to keep your focus on the road.

5. Compatibility and Adaptability

  • Fits Various Phone Sizes: High-quality holders are typically designed to accommodate a wide range of smartphone sizes and cases, ensuring a snug fit for your device without the need for frequent replacements.

6. Visibility and Accessibility

  • Optimal Viewing Angles: Adjustable angles and orientation options mean you can position your phone for the best visibility and ease of use, enhancing your ability to navigate or monitor apps safely while riding.

7. Protection from the Elements

  • Weather Resistance: Many high-quality bike phone holders offer some level of protection against rain, dust, and sweat, further safeguarding your device during rides in various conditions.

In essence, a high-quality bike phone holder is not just a convenience accessory but a vital component that enhances the safety, functionality, and enjoyment of your rides. It ensures that your valuable smartphone remains secure and accessible, allowing you to leverage its capabilities without compromising on safety or risking damage to the device. Given the significant role smartphones play in our daily lives and the investment they represent, securing them with a reliable, high-quality bike phone holder while cycling is a prudent and necessary measure.

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History of Phone Holders for Bikes

The history of phone holders for bikes reflects the broader evolution of mobile technology and its integration into our daily lives, including cycling. As smartphones became ubiquitous and their applications increasingly indispensable for navigation, fitness tracking, and communication, the demand for a means to securely attach these devices to bicycles grew. This led to the development and refinement of bike phone holders.

Early Days

Initially, cyclists would improvise ways to keep their phones accessible while riding, using pockets, backpacks, or makeshift mounts. However, these solutions were far from ideal, as they either made it difficult to view and interact with the phone or lacked the security to keep the phone safely attached to the bike.

Rise of Mobile GPS and Fitness Apps

The turning point came with the widespread adoption of GPS technology and fitness tracking apps. Cyclists began to rely on their smartphones for navigation and monitoring performance metrics like speed, distance, and heart rate. This reliance on smartphones for both practical and safety reasons necessitated a more secure and accessible way to use them while cycling.

Development of Dedicated Bike Phone Holders

Responding to this need, manufacturers began to develop dedicated bike phone holders. Early models were simple clamps that attached to the handlebars, but they often lacked the security and flexibility needed to accommodate different phone sizes and protect them from vibrations and impacts.

Innovations and Improvements

Over time, bike phone holders became more sophisticated, incorporating features like shock absorption, waterproofing, and universal compatibility with various phone models and sizes. Innovations such as quick-release mechanisms, adjustable viewing angles, and touch-screen friendly covers improved the functionality and user experience of these holders.

Current Trends and Future Directions

Today, bike phone holders are an essential accessory for many cyclists, with options ranging from minimalist designs to rugged, weatherproof cases that fully enclose the phone for maximum protection. The integration of wireless charging and compatibility with a wider range of bike models and types are current trends in the development of bike phone holders.

The future of bike phone holders may see further integration with smart biking systems, potentially incorporating features like built-in lights, additional charging capabilities, or connectivity with other smart devices on the bike. As cycling and technology continue to evolve, bike phone holders will likely keep pace, offering cyclists more secure, convenient, and integrated ways to use their smartphones on the move.

Types of Phone Holders for Bike

Bike phone holders come in various designs to cater to different needs, preferences, and bike setups. These types range from simple clamps to sophisticated cases, each offering unique features. Here's an overview of the common types of phone holders for bikes:

1. Clamp or Grip Holders

  • Description: These holders use a clamp or grip mechanism to secure the phone. They typically feature silicone or rubber grips to hold the phone in place on the sides, allowing for easy access to the screen and buttons.
  • Pros: Versatile and adjustable for different phone sizes; easy to attach and remove the phone.
  • Cons: May not offer as much protection against vibrations or impacts as more robust designs.

2. Case or Frame Holders

  • Description: These holders involve placing the phone inside a protective case or frame that mounts to the bike. The case may be specific to phone model or offer universal compatibility.
  • Pros: Offers better protection against weather, dust, and impacts; can be more stable and secure than grip holders.
  • Cons: Can be bulkier and may require the phone to be in the case for use, which might not be convenient for quick removal.

3. Stem Mount Holders

  • Description: Stem mount holders attach to the bike's stem and often use a locking mechanism to secure the phone or case directly over the stem, making it easy to view and access.
  • Pros: Central and stable positioning; often sleek and unobtrusive.
  • Cons: May not fit all bike stems or allow for landscape orientation.

4. Handlebar Mount Holders

  • Description: These holders attach to the handlebars and can be adjusted to hold the phone in either landscape or portrait orientation. They might use clamps, bands, or screws for attachment.
  • Pros: Wide compatibility with different bike types; adjustable viewing angles.
  • Cons: Can take up space on the handlebars, potentially interfering with other accessories.

5. Waterproof or Weatherproof Holders

  • Description: Designed to protect the phone from rain, dust, and other environmental factors, these holders often feature a sealed case or cover with a clear front for screen visibility.
  • Pros: High level of protection against the elements; ideal for all-weather riders.
  • Cons: The protective cover might reduce touchscreen sensitivity or make it harder to access buttons.

6. Magnetic Holders

  • Description: Utilizing strong magnets to secure the phone, these holders require attaching a metal plate to the back of the phone or its case, which then adheres to the magnetic mount.
  • Pros: Quick and easy attachment and removal; sleek design.
  • Cons: The magnetic connection might not be as secure as physical clamps, especially on rough terrain.

When choosing a bike phone holder, consider factors such as the level of protection needed, ease of access to the phone, stability during rides, compatibility with your phone and bike, and how the holder might affect your ability to use the phone’s features. Balancing these considerations will help you select the most suitable type for your cycling needs and preferences.

How to choose right phone holder for bikes

Choosing the right phone holder for your bike involves considering several key factors to ensure it meets your needs for security, accessibility, and functionality. Here's a guide to help you select the most suitable phone holder for your cycling adventures:

1. Mounting Location

  • Handlebar vs. Stem vs. Frame: Decide where you prefer to mount your phone. Handlebar mounts are the most common and offer easy visibility and access, but stem mounts can be more secure and aerodynamic, and frame mounts may be preferable for bikes with limited handlebar space.

2. Phone Compatibility

  • Size and Model: Ensure the phone holder can accommodate the size of your smartphone. Some holders are universal, while others are designed for specific phone models. Consider whether you'll want to use your phone with a case and ensure the holder can accommodate it.

3. Type of Holder

  • Clamp, Band, or Case: Phone holders come in different types. Clamp and band holders typically grip the phone on the sides, offering easy access to the screen but varying degrees of security. Case holders encase the phone, offering excellent protection from the elements and vibrations but may limit access to phone functions.

4. Security and Stability

  • Vibration Damping: If you ride on rough terrain, look for a phone holder with good vibration damping to protect your phone from damage and ensure it stays in place.
  • Locking Mechanism: Consider holders with a secure locking mechanism to prevent the phone from falling out during rides.

5. Ease of Use

  • Quick Release: A quick-release feature allows you to easily attach and detach your phone from the holder, convenient for taking photos or when you need to leave your bike unattended.
  • Adjustability: Being able to adjust the angle and orientation of the holder is important for optimal viewing and interaction with your phone while riding.

6. Protection from the Elements

  • Weatherproofing: If you ride in all conditions, consider a phone holder with weatherproof features, such as a waterproof case, to protect your phone from rain, dust, and sweat.

7. Additional Features

  • Charging Capability: Some phone holders come with or allow for the integration of a charging solution, like a built-in battery pack or the ability to connect to a dynamo, keeping your device charged during long rides.
  • Integrated Tools: A few models include additional features like a bike light or a secondary slot for an action camera.

8. Reviews and Recommendations

  • Research: Look at reviews and ask for recommendations from other cyclists. User experiences can provide valuable insights into how well a phone holder performs in real-world conditions.

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Best Bike Phone Holders

When it comes to selecting the best bike phone holders, there are several standout options that consistently receive high marks from cyclists for their durability, ease of use, and secure mounting. Here's a look at some of the best bike phone holders available, recognized for their quality and reliability:

1. Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit

  • Features: Known for its strong, reliable attachment system, the Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit uses a dual-action locking mechanism to secure your phone in place. It's lightweight, very secure, and allows for quick attachment and detachment. It also offers a range of mounts to fit various bike types and riding styles.
  • Best For: Riders looking for a secure, easy-to-use system with the option to quickly switch between different mounts (e.g., handlebar, stem).

2. Topeak Ridecase

  • Features: The Topeak Ridecase has a sleek design and is made with a durable, shock-absorbing material. It comes with a mount that allows for adjustable viewing angles and is compatible with various phone models through specific cases or adjustable versions.
  • Best For: Cyclists who appreciate a case that integrates with their phone for rides, providing protection and functionality.

3. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

  • Features: This holder boasts a universal fit for smartphones, a secure grip with its silicone net, and is made of durable plastic with a silicone net to secure the phone. It fits handlebar sizes from 7/8" to 1-1/4" in diameter.
  • Best For: Riders who want a versatile, secure mount that can accommodate almost any smartphone size.

4. RAM Mounts X-Grip Phone Holder

  • Features: Known for its industrial-strength holding power and durability, the RAM Mounts X-Grip features an 'X' design that expands and contracts to fit smartphones of various sizes. It's highly adjustable for optimal viewing angles.
  • Best For: Adventure cyclists and riders who tackle rough terrain and need an ultra-secure mount.

5. SP Connect Bike Bundle

  • Features: This system offers a slim and functional phone case that locks into a secure mount on the handlebars. It's very quick and easy to attach/detach and provides additional accessories like weather covers and mounts for other activities.
  • Best For: Cyclists looking for a multi-functional system that extends beyond biking, with a sleek design.

6. Morpheus Labs M4s Bike Mount

  • Features: The M4s offers a magnetic mount system combined with a locking mechanism for extra security. It's designed for ease of use, allowing you to attach and detach your phone with one hand.
  • Best For: Riders who prefer the convenience of a magnetic system but don't want to compromise on security.

These options are among the best for ensuring your smartphone remains securely mounted on your bike, accessible and visible, enhancing your riding experience through convenient access to navigation, fitness tracking, and communication tools.

Where to buy Bike Phone Holder

You can buy a bike phone holder from various places, each offering a different shopping experience. Here’s where you can find them:

Local Bike Shops

  • Advantages: Personalized advice and the chance to see and feel the product before you buy. Immediate availability and supporting local businesses are significant benefits.
  • Considerations: The selection might be more limited compared to online, but the staff can often order specific models if needed.

Online Retailers

  • Amazon: Offers a vast selection of bike phone holders from various brands, often at competitive prices. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights.
  • Specialized Cycling Stores Online: Websites like Chain Reaction Cycles, Wiggle, or Competitive Cyclist have a wide range of cycling accessories, including phone holders, with detailed descriptions and user reviews.
  • Brand Websites: Buying directly from the manufacturer’s website, such as Quad Lock or SP Connect, might offer the best deals, exclusive models, or bundles.

Sporting Goods Stores

  • Examples: REI, Decathlon, or MEC (in Canada) carry a selection of cycling gear, including bike phone holders. These stores offer the advantage of seeing products before purchasing and getting advice from knowledgeable staff.

Electronic and Mobile Accessory Stores

  • While not specializing in cycling gear, stores that sell electronic or mobile accessories might carry bike phone holders, offering options that are more generic but can still be suitable for casual use.

Tips for Buying a Bike Phone Holder

  • Research: Especially important when shopping online. Read reviews and compare features to ensure the holder meets your needs and is compatible with your phone and bike.
  • Compare Prices: Look for sales, discounts, or coupon codes. Prices can vary significantly between retailers.
  • Check Return Policies: Make sure the seller has a favorable return policy in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Verify Compatibility: Ensure the holder fits your phone and can be mounted securely on your bike. Consider how easy it is to mount and unmount your phone.

Whether you prefer the personal touch and support local businesses by shopping at your local bike shop or enjoy the convenience and variety of shopping online, there are plenty of options for finding the perfect bike phone holder to suit your needs and budget.

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How to use and maintain Bike Phone Holders

Using and maintaining your bike phone holder properly can extend its lifespan and ensure your smartphone stays secure during rides. Here's a guide on how to effectively use and take care of your bike phone holder:

Using a Bike Phone Holder

  1. Installation:

    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to attach the phone holder to your bike. Ensure it's mounted securely on the handlebars, stem, or frame, depending on the design.
    • Adjust the holder so that it does not interfere with your bike's controls or your ability to steer.
  2. Mounting Your Phone:

    • Before placing your phone in the holder, ensure that any locking mechanisms are open and ready.
    • Place your phone into the holder gently but securely. If your holder uses a clamp, adjustable arms, or a magnetic system, make sure the phone is firmly attached and won’t slip out.
    • If the holder has a locking mechanism, engage it to secure your phone.
  3. Adjusting for Visibility and Accessibility:

    • Adjust the angle and orientation of the holder so you can easily see the screen and interact with your phone as necessary, without distracting you from focusing on the road.

Maintaining Your Bike Phone Holder

  1. Regular Inspections:

    • Periodically check the holder for any signs of wear and tear, especially the parts that hold and secure the phone. Look for cracks, looseness, or any damage that could compromise its integrity.
  2. Cleaning:

    • Keep the holder clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth. If it's very dirty, a mild soap solution can be used, but make sure to rinse and dry it thoroughly afterwards.
    • Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the holder’s materials.
  3. Tighten and Adjust as Needed:

    • Over time, the vibrations from riding can loosen the holder’s attachments. Regularly check and tighten any screws or bolts to ensure the holder stays firmly in place.
    • Re-adjust the holder’s position if it shifts or if you find a more optimal viewing angle.
  4. Protect from Extreme Conditions:

    • If possible, remove the holder from your bike when not in use to protect it from prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, which can accelerate wear and potentially damage both the holder and your phone.
  5. Storage:

    • When not in use, especially during off-seasons, store the phone holder in a cool, dry place to prevent any damage or degradation of its materials.

Additional Accessories for Bike Phone Holders

To enhance the functionality and convenience of bike phone holders, several additional accessories can complement their use. Whether you're looking to improve security, visibility, or just make your rides more enjoyable, here are some accessories to consider:

1. Waterproof Case or Cover

  • Purpose: Protects your phone from rain, sweat, and dust. Ideal for rides in unpredictable weather or off-road adventures.
  • Compatibility: Ensure it fits both your phone and the phone holder for seamless use.

2. External Battery Pack or Power Bank

  • Purpose: Extends your phone’s battery life, crucial for long rides, especially if you’re using GPS navigation or fitness tracking apps.
  • Mounting: Some phone holders come with integrated battery packs, or you might need to carry the power bank separately and connect it with a charging cable.

3. Vibration Damping Pad or Mat

  • Purpose: Reduces the amount of vibration transmitted from the bike to the phone, protecting its internal components.
  • Installation: Usually sits between the phone holder and the bike frame or handlebar, or it might attach directly to the holder.

4. Anti-Theft Locks

  • Purpose: Secures your phone holder (and potentially your phone) to the bike, deterring theft during short stops.
  • Types: Cable locks or security screws that replace standard mounting hardware.

5. Headlight or Camera Mount

  • Purpose: Allows you to attach a headlight for better visibility during night rides or an action camera to record your adventures.
  • Compatibility: Some phone holders offer modular attachments for lights or cameras, or you might need a separate accessory that mounts alongside the phone holder.

6. Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves

  • Purpose: Enables you to interact with your phone's touchscreen without removing your gloves, important for cold weather riding.
  • Features: Look for gloves with conductive fingertips that are compatible with touchscreens.

7. Screen Protectors

  • Purpose: Protects the phone’s screen from scratches and impacts, which might be more likely when using the phone on bike rides.
  • Selection: Choose a screen protector that doesn’t hinder touchscreen sensitivity or visibility.

8. Sunshade

  • Purpose: Improves screen visibility on sunny days by reducing glare.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the sunshade fits your specific phone holder and doesn’t obstruct screen access or the phone’s camera.

These accessories can significantly enhance the functionality and usability of bike phone holders, making your rides more convenient, enjoyable, and safe. When selecting accessories, ensure they are compatible with both your phone holder and smartphone to avoid any inconvenience or safety issues.


Bike phone holders represent a fusion of cycling and technology, enabling cyclists to leverage the full potential of their smartphones safely and effectively while on the move. With the right holder, cyclists can navigate unfamiliar routes, track their performance, and stay connected, all without compromising on safety or enjoyment. As cycling continues to evolve, the bike phone holder stands out as a simple yet revolutionary accessory that enhances the modern cyclist's journey.