How to DIY Electric Bike - Tips and Strategy

It's no secret that traffic jams, especially during rush hours, have become the bane of modern cities. Therefore, what seemed to be comfortable and fast cars are becoming burdensome for many. More attention is paid to ecology, and the popularity of environmentally friendly individual electric transport is growing every day. This is evidenced by the increasing number of bike lanes, bicycle and scooter rental points, and bike-sharing services. Many people are switching from cars to regular bicycles. Two-wheeled models and tricycles are gaining popularity. Some prefer ready-made branded models, but many are interested in how to make own ebike? Where to get the necessary parts and how economically feasible will it be? Let's reason together.

The range of regular electric transport today is indeed wide, but choosing the right model is not so simple. If you decide to upgrade an existing device, you will stay in the plus:

  • you will assemble a device 'for yourself,' so you can take into account all your wishes and requirements,
  • you will do a good thing for the environment by not sending the outdated model to the landfill,
  • your wallet will not be empty.

A bit of history Inventors have long thought about creating a bicycle with an electric motor, conducted research and testing. And the main obstacle was the inability to produce a battery of sufficient capacity and with enough current output that would weigh little and have small dimensions.

    Therefore, the mass production of velohybrids for sale began with the advent of lithium-ion and (less frequently) lithium-polymer batteries, which can be charged and discharged hundreds of times without losing quality. The pioneers in the field of device production were Chinese specialists. Chinese enterprises produce both spare parts for repair and components, using which you can turn a classic bicycle into an electric one.

    custom bike

    Advantages and disadvantages of ebike

    The main advantages of an electric device include:

    • environmental safety,

    • high speed developed (for most models it is 50 km/h),

    • the ability to choose the mode of travel: the device can be used as a classic bicycle, as a moped, using only an electric motor, and in mixed mode, when the rider presses the pedals and the engine is turned on),

    • the ability to cover long distances using electric traction,

    • compared to a scooter with a gasoline engine — economy (no additional funds are required for maintenance) and repairability. The following disadvantages are also highlighted:

    • greater weight compared to classic models, which affects the ease of transporting the device,

    • longer battery charging time.

    create ebike

    For modernization of the bicycle, you will need:

    So, how to make own ebike out of a regular bicycle. The first thing to pay attention to when choosing is the compliance of the standard, safety requirements, and technical characteristics of all elements of the electric drive with each other. If you choose an engine with too little power, you may be disappointed by the range, which will only be enough to get to the nearest store or work, and you will have to overcome the return journey by pedaling. But if you install too powerful an engine, the model may lose safety and maneuverability.

    • an electric motor,
    • a battery (we advise considering options with a battery capacity of at least 5 Ah),
    • an electric controller, whose task is to provide a connection between the battery and the motor and regulate the rotor rotation frequency. Interesting: Which brands' components are installed in Eltreco electric bikes These are the main components, not counting pulleys, generator drive belts, sprockets, and reverse clutch.

    If you choose a full electric drive or motor-wheel, it will be much easier to convert the bicycle. Important: for conversion, choose a model with a steel frame construction.

    How to make own ebike by yourself? We advise you to assemble an electric bicycle according to the traditional scheme. It will be a rear-wheel drive model. Install and secure the sprocket on the hub of the rear wheel using several bolts and locknuts.

    A freewheel should be installed separately on the intermediate support, from which the chain drive to the rear wheel will be carried out. The rotational moment from the electric motor to the freewheel is transmitted through a belt drive, which is assembled from pulleys and belts of a passenger car.

    The gear shifter installed on your bicycle can be used as a tensioner for the drive chain.

    If necessary, you can adjust the components using a set of files.

    Having assembled the mechanical part, proceed to the installation of the electric motor, battery, and controller. It's not difficult, the main thing is to check whether the contact connections are reliable.

    For greater safety when riding at night, we also advise installing lighting, headlights, sidelights, and a sound signal on the bicycle.

    Advantages of a Professionally Assembled Bike vs Make Own Ebike:

    custom electric bike
    • Warranty for repair and parts.
    • Precise adherence to assembly technologies.
    • Continuous improvement of bike components (we spend 3 out of 12 months a year in China, searching for the best components in terms of price/quality + participate in all major e-bike conferences in North America).
    • The opportunity to test drive before purchasing.
    • Our main testers are food delivery guys, who give us lots of positive feedback (why, you ask? They ride 1500-2000 km a month, and they know exactly which e-bike can withstand such regular loads and which cannot).
    • Low prices in compare with the same quality competitors

      You can always Combine Your Desire to Create a New Bike with Our Capabilities

      • You can bring the "design" of your bike, and we will make own ebike custom model specifically for your preferences, with absolutely any components that you want. And we will provide comprehensive comments on which components are good to install with others and which are not."

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