Puncture resistance advices for E-bikes

Puncture-Resistant Tires

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Cyclists are well aware of the problem of puncturing wheels, and everyone tries to have special means at their disposal, of which there are quite a few today. The first of these are puncture-resistant bicycle tires, which do not resist punctures from the side and are characterized by their heavy weight, which affects the vehicle itself. Special sealants used for tubeless tires can also be considered, as they would simply flow out in other tires. With the help of such a tool, it is possible to cover some distance, so it is usually used as a temporary measure. There are also special gel compounds, liquids, and tapes, the pros and cons of which one should know to choose the most suitable option for oneself.

Anti-puncture bicycle tires The easiest way to protect yourself from such problems is with these tires. But there's a catch – the special additives inside add weight, but it is precisely because of them that the tire gets reliable protection. Many companies are engaged in the production of such tires. Racers often prefer Schwalbe tires, but this option is not the only one. Tires have several protective levels:

  1. No protective layer is present, so the carcass base is made of coarse material without puncture-resistant properties.
  2. The tire carcass is dense enough, but without puncture protection, used for light wheels of road models.
  3. Puncture-resistant tires of the third protective level are equipped with a special layer inside and outside.
  4. At this level, there are nylon fibers in two layers. The wheel's weight does not increase, and it is widely used by athletes.
  5. The distinctive feature of the fifth level is nylon fibers and an additional high-tech layer that can protect the sidewalls. The tire's weight is small.
  6. The sixth level is the most reliable because it has a five-millimeter resilient layer. The wheel is considered effective, but it weighs a lot.


From this, it can be concluded that the level of protection increases by adding specific materials. Tires come in different sizes. Some believe that there are no 26-inch puncture-resistant bike tires, but this is a misconception since such wheels are used on mountain bikes.

"Hi gear"

puncture resistant, e bike, movin, wheel, tire

A great remedy for punctures, which allows for a quick repair of a damaged wheel. This compound is used for tires of all sizes and wheel systems and can also be used to patch car tires.

The composition contains carbon fiber components and polymers, the strength level of which is comparable to steel. Often, this composition is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests. To distribute the solution properly, it must be poured into a rotating wheel. When a hole needs to be sealed, the compound is squeezed directly into the damaged area. Once fully solidified, it forms something akin to a plug.

There are also some positive qualities. The solution does not affect the balance of the vehicle, resists the effects of a damp environment, and does not corrode. One bottle can repair seven to ten punctures, with a diameter reaching 6 mm.

The compound retains its qualities in any weather, and its use is allowed throughout the year. Another feature is that the solution does not accumulate in the lower area of the wheel during parking, and its operational life increases by a quarter.

Puncture Fluid

puncture resistant, e bike, movin, wheel, tire

An affordable solution designed for protection and repair of tires. The special liquid is suitable for all types of wheels and can be poured both in advance and after a puncture occurs. The effect lasts from four to seven months. If necessary, the old compound can easily be washed off with ordinary water since, after being poured into the wheel, the fluid retains its original state and only seals holes when exposed to air.

The principle of such a liquid's action is mechanical. It does not release toxins because its composition includes special natural thickeners, polymers, and fine fibers. Thanks to the thickener, the liquid turns into a plug in the damaged area. It's worth noting that the compound is not flammable and easily dissolves in water.

During rotation, the sealant forms a protective film inside the tire. For one wheel, it is necessary to use about 120 ml of the liquid.

There are also downsides: the sealant does not protect the sidewalls of the wheel at all. The only exception is when the repair compound is poured into a wheel held at a specific angle until the solution forms a plug. Cuts, cracks, and punctures larger than 3 mm in diameter cannot be sealed by such a liquid.

Bicycle Wheel Gel

puncture resistant, e bike, movin, wheel, tire

This solution has a plethora of advantages. It is water-based, ensuring reliable tire integrity during a puncture. Key features include:

  • The composition is distributed evenly throughout the inner surface of the tire.
  • The gel remains liquid and automatically seals emerging holes. The repair process is based on air pressure.
  • When the necessary amount of gel is injected, the tire can withstand up to a hundred damages.
  • For a wheel with a width of two centimeters, up to 70 ml of gel is poured, and for a larger size, up to 120 ml is needed.
  • The gel formula withstands temperature fluctuations because it contains antifreeze. The gel can be used in any weather conditions.

The kit includes a small bottle with gel, a syringe, a tube through which the solution is poured into the valve, and adapters for other types of inflation. There's also a special cap designed to remove the valve core. While other liquids are only poured into inflated tires, the tire should be completely deflated before pouring the gel.

Special Tapes

puncture resistant, e bike, movin, wheel, tire

Technology continues to evolve, and another simple yet effective solution against punctures has been developed. It is a special latex tape, designed to protect bicycle wheels. It is available in various colors, including wider models that also protect the tire's sidewalls.

Installing such tape is straightforward: the latex is simply placed inside the tire.

Such a tape is affordable and is lightweight. When applied correctly, it does not negatively affect the wheel balancing. While the latex proves ineffective against major damages, it excels against sharp objects, holding them off and preventing penetration.

Before installing the tape, the tire is removed from one side, cleaned from the inside, and the tape is cut to the required size and placed inside the entire tube. Afterward, the wheel is slightly inflated. Once the tube is in its place, the wheel is inflated to the maximum level. To ensure the tape is firmly in place, double-sided tape is used.


Puncture protection is a key point in preparing a bicycle for long distances. Our tires are thick and well-reinforced, but even with them, there are situations when you run over large nails. Therefore, we recommend installing special tapes inside the tire and carrying gel with you (in 99% of cases you won't need it, but you'll feel at ease). Come visit us at 654 College street. All accessories are in stock. You'll be able to see the quality of our e-bikes firsthand and book a test drive.

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