Traveling with Electric Scooters: US and Canada Air Travel Guide

Picture this: You've meticulously planned your dream vacation, everything's packed, and you're ready to hit the road. But wait! Can you bring your electric scooter in your travel on the plane? If you're an electric scooter enthusiast, this guide is just for you! Let's navigate through the intricacies of air travel with your beloved e-scooter. 

Travel with Electric Scooters: Can You?

Safety concerns surrounding electrical devices have led to specific regulations for air travel, and electric scooters are no exception. The general consensus is that most recreational scooters aren't plane-friendly. However, airline policies vary, so always check in advance.

Airline Battery Regulations for E-Scooters:

The battery is the main concern. Here's a breakdown of the rules for international flights:

  • Up to 100Wh: Typically permitted, as they're deemed low-risk. This category includes many personal electronic devices.

  • 101-160Wh: Rare for e-scooters, but if you own one, prior approval from the airline is essential.

  • Over 160Wh: Most e-scooters fall here, and unfortunately, they're generally not allowed.

Carry-On or Checked Baggage, when travel with Scooter?

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If your scooter aids mobility due to a disability, it might qualify as a carry-on. Inform the airline in advance, especially if the battery exceeds 100Wh. Some airlines allow mobility devices with batteries up to 300Wh.

US Airlines Policies:

  1. Delta Air Lines: Riding equipment with lithium-based batteries, including e-scooters, are a no-go. Delta's Restricted Items.
  2. United Airlines: Recreational rideables are prohibited. United's Restricted Items.
  3. Southwest Airlines: E-scooters and similar electric devices aren't permitted. Southwest's Restricted Items.
  4. JetBlue Airways: Unless it's a mobility aid (which needs to be checked in), no e-scooters allowed. JetBlue's Restricted Items.
  5. American Airlines: Carrying e-scooters, either as a carry-on or checked luggage, is restricted. American's Restricted Items.

Canadian Airlines Policies:

  1. Air Canada: Small battery-powered vehicles, including e-scooters, aren't allowed, unless they're mobility aids. Air Canada's Restricted Items.

  2. WestJet: Electric rideables aren't generally allowed, but mobility aids may be an exception, depending on their battery capacity. WestJet's Restricted Items.

  3. Porter Airlines: E-scooters with batteries over 160Wh are prohibited. Porter's Restricted Items.

  4. Flair Airlines: Electric rideables aren't permitted unless they serve as mobility aids. Flair's Restricted Items.

  5. Air Transat: Electric scooters are generally banned due to battery concerns. Air Transat's Restricted Items.

Airport Lithium Battery Checks:

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Lithium batteries, including those in power banks, must be removed and kept in the cabin. Here's the FAA's regulations for reference.

E-Scooter Disassembly for Air Travel:

If your scooter conforms to the airline's battery regulations, fits the carry-on size, and can be easily folded/disassembled, it may be allowed. However, for scooters with batteries exceeding 160Wh (excluding mobility aids), they'll likely be refused.

Extra Fees?

If your scooter serves as a mobility aid, airlines should accept it without extra costs.

Maximum Battery Capacity:

Typically, batteries up to 100Wh are accepted. Some airlines might allow up to 160Wh for mobility devices.

E-Scooter Restrictions when travel?

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Yes, airlines have guidelines concerning e-scooters based on their size, weight, and battery type. Mostly, they allow those with foldable designs and detachable batteries within specified watt-hour limits.

Traveling with E-Scooters in the US:

  • Trains: It varies by train service; it's safer to verify beforehand.

  • Ferries: Generally acceptable, especially during off-peak times.

  • Buses: Not allowed unless folded and bagged within specific dimensions.

  • Subways: Mostly allowed if foldable, but consider fellow passengers during rush hours.

Traveling with E-Scooters in Canada:

  • Trains: Policies differ, but they tend to be more lenient than air travel.

  • Ferries: Usually permitted, but always confirm with the transport service.

  • Buses: Fold, bag, and you might be good to go. Always check in advance.

  • Subways: Rules vary. In Toronto, they're allowed if bagged. In Vancouver, they're banned from the SkyTrain.


With ever-evolving regulations, always double-check airline policies before traveling with your e-scooter. And who knows, maybe one day e-scooters will fly solo? Safe travels!

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