Movin Glide Electric Scooter - Foldable Compact E-Scooter

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Movin Glide Electric Scooter - Foldable Compact E-Scooter

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The Movin Glide Electric Scooter offers practical urban transportation. This compact e-scooter provides up to 80km range per charge on 10-inch vacuum sealed tires. Users can select from 3 speed modes using the thumb throttle. A dual braking system enhances control.

The Glide e-scooter's 500W motor handles inclines and provides consistent acceleration. Its display shows speed, battery status, and trip distance. The frame and suspension are designed to manage typical city road conditions.

For night use, the scooter includes LED lights and reflectors. Its foldable design facilitates storage and multi-modal transport. Optional accessories, such as a seat, can be added.

This small electric scooter balances efficiency and portability. It suits commuters who need flexible transportation options in urban settings. The Glide model aims to address the needs of city residents looking for alternative commute methods.

Movin Mobility designed this scooter to offer a practical solution for daily urban travel. It combines necessary features for city use with a compact form factor. The Glide Electric Scooter is now available for purchase.

The Best Electric Scooter

scooters that fold

Portable and Convenient E-Scooter

The Glide scooter is easily foldable to carry onto any public transport, or comfortably store in your apartment or garage

lightweight electric scooter

Smart Display and Braking System

Our smart display indicates charge, speed, speed mode and is linked to dual mechanical disc brakes with a motor cut off

Reliable and Safe Battery

Equipped with a lithium ion battery that will provide you 4-6 hours per charge, or up to 80km with 3 speed modes to choose from.

scooter tires

Tubeless Tires

Each glide scooter is fitted with 10 inch tubeless tires, making you much more resistant to flats compared to bicycles and other e-scooters


While modern electric scooters have built-in safeguards, prolonged charging is not advisable. Overnight charging may lead to subtle battery degradation over time. It's preferable to charge your scooter when you can monitor it and unplug once fully charged. This practice helps maintain optimal battery health and longevity.

Electric scooter lifespan typically ranges from three to five years with proper care. However, this duration can vary significantly based on usage intensity, environmental factors, and maintenance quality. Regular users in harsh conditions may see shorter lifespans, while occasional riders in favorable environments could extend their scooter's life beyond the average range.

Current lithium-ion batteries don't require conditioning cycles. Charging after each use is generally beneficial, as it keeps the battery at an optimal level. However, if the battery level remains high after a short trip, immediate charging isn't necessary. The key is to avoid letting the battery discharge completely before recharging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Sandesh s.

Best E-bike

Rabin C.

I bought this scooty and there was issue with controller and brakes after 20 days.Even the service for maintainence was too slow. Worst experience even.

Renae Z.
Great for getting around the campus

I'm a first year student on a huge campus and needed something to get me from one class to another effortlessly because it is always too cold to walk, so I purchased this scooter. Very helpful and I had no issues with it yet.

Karthik R.
Easy to learn to use

Me and my husband are 63 and 65 years old and we just couldn't handle car ownership anymore in a big city, so we sold it and got one of these for both of us. The seat extensions make this just like riding a bike and it is super fun!

Aryan S.
Good features and fair prices

Incredible scooter than I am liking so far. I got a very good deal on it thanks to their sales person, Rohit.