Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike

Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike
Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike
Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike
Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike
Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike
Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike
Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike
movin tempo commuter leisure ebike brake closeup
movin tempo commuter leisure ebike light closeup
movin tempo commuter leisure ebike motor closeup
movin tempo commuter leisure ebike front wheel
movin tempo commuter leisure ebike rear rack view
movin tempo commuter leisure ebike dash view birds eye
movin tempo commuter leisure ebike right side bell, gears, throttle
movin tempo commuter leisure ebike left side display

Movin Tempo Commuter Ebike

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The Movin Tempo Commuter eBike stands out as a dynamic and reliable companion for urban and suburban riders alike. This city eBike is designed to move between places efficiently and comfortably, meeting a variety of commuting and urban needs. Its design and features are tailored to ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient experience, making it the perfect eBike for commuting.

Ease of Use: With its lightweight and low-step frame, the Movin Tempo is accessible and easy to mount and dismount, making it ideal for daily commutes, hill climbs on your favorite bike path, and navigating city streets. This versatile urban e-bike is capable of tackling difficult terrain thanks to its large battery capacity.

Safety Enhancements: The commuter electric bike is equipped with anti-puncture grip tires that minimize the risk of flats, a hydraulic brake system that ensures immediate stopping power with motor cutoff for added safety, and reflective strips that enhance visibility in all lighting conditions. These features combine to provide a safer riding experience in various urban scenarios.

Long-Lasting Battery: Powered by a Samsung 48V15AH (720Wh) UL2271 Certified lithium-ion battery, it offers an impressive range of up to 80km on a single charge, or approximately 7 hours of continuous use, making it reliable for both short trips and longer journeys.

User-Friendly Features: The bike comes with an intuitive display that provides real-time information on speed, battery level, and distance traveled, allowing riders to monitor their journey and battery status easily. It also features integrated lights for added convenience and safety.

Versatile Performance: The Movin Tempo is designed to perform well in various urban environments, whether it's smooth roads or more challenging urban terrains, providing a consistent and enjoyable riding experience. Its powerful Bafang hub motor and long-range battery ensure comfortable rides and assistance for longer journeys or challenging routes.

The Movin Tempo Commuter eBike is not just a means of transportation; it's a smart, eco-friendly, and stylish solution for urban mobility. This urban e-bike is designed to meet the needs of the modern commuter and explorer alike, offering a natural riding experience thanks to its torque sensor technology.

With its combination of comfort, efficiency, and thoughtful design features like fenders and a rear rack, the Movin Tempo eBike for commuting is the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable way to navigate the city.

Our Flagship City E-Bike for Commuting and More

What Can I Use my Tempo E-Bike For?

With over 1 Million km of extensive rider feedback, our mission is clear: to keep you moving. Whether shortening commutes or enjoying leisure time, we craft reliable, durable, comfortable e-bikes for lasting memories. The Tempo is most popular among seniors looking to exercise more, as well as commuters and gig workers in the city. Explore reviews or book a test ride at our stores or dealers to try our e-bikes for yourself.

Detailed Specifications Movin' Tempo

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48V500W Brushless Rear Hub motor with proprietary composite nylon planetary gears that are built to last.

Pedal Assist

Accelerate easily with a 5-level smart cadence pedal assist sensor and half twist grip throttle providing 500W of power on demand. Adjust your pedal assist to your desired level on your display - from low assist at level 1 to highest at level 5

Rear Rack

Built in sturdy rear rack with 25KG/55LBS weight capacity. Carry pannier bags on the side, or baskets for your belongings and groceries

Li-Ion Battery

UL2271 Certified 48V 15Ah Samsung lithium ion battery providing 720Wh of battery. 60-80km of range per charge. 4 hour recharge time with a 3A Fast charger. Comes with a set of keys to lock your battery in the frame


Smoothly stop with our Tektro Hydraulic system: Our motor cut off technology enhances safety and prolongs bike life. 160mm rotors ensure reliable braking for any terrain, from steep hills to leisurely trails.


26*2.125 all terrain thick tread tires will keep you riding through untidy downtown roads, with a protective mesh layer preventing unnecessary flat tires. Sitting on magnesium alloy rims 


Adjustable Suntour spring suspension will make those bumps feel smooth as butter


30 Lux brightness lights with integrated tail light and brake light indicator 

Electrical Components


Samsung 48V15AH(720WH)


60km to 80km per charge, or 5-7hrs


LED Color display with Charge indicator, pedal assist level/error display, headlight/tail light indicator, walking mode and more

Hub Motor

500W brushless geared hub motor w/ composite nylon gears


Dead start half-twist grip throttle


Internal water resistant connectors and wiring harnesses


30 Lux LED lights with integrated tail light and brake light indicator


48V 20Amp Controller


48v, 3Amp fast charger, operates on 110v-240v AC power outlets

Mechanical Components


Tektro HD E3520 hydraulic disc brake with 160mm Rotors


KMC 27 anti-rust chain, 118 links

Crank Set

Prowheel 170mm forged alloy, dual-sided chainring guard


Shimano Tourney 7 speed

Front Fork

Suntour adjustable suspension front fork


6061 jet-grade aluminum


Ergonomically designed, made from soft and durable rubber


500w motor-intergrated magnesium alloy wheel


CST 26"*2.1" puncture resistant tires


52 lbs with battery, 42 lbs without


Top speed limited to 32km/h


built-in rear rack, mud guard, selle royale gel seat

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The lifespan of an electric city bike varies, but you can expect solid performance for quite a while. Bafang motors, known for their reliability, can keep ticking for 3 to 10 years — often outlasting other components. As for batteries, with proper care, they typically serve you well for 3 to 7 years, sometimes even longer. Overall, if you treat your e-bike right, it could be your faithful urban companion for anywhere from 3 to 10 years.

This Electric city bike is designed with urban speed limits in mind. This model will zip you along at a brisk 20 mph (ca. 32 km/h), which is the typical maximum for motor assistance. This speed strikes a nice balance between getting you places quickly and keeping things safe in busy city environments.

Charging times for city e-bike can vary, but you're usually looking at somewhere between 4 and 5 hours for a full charge.

For optimal battery health, it's a good idea to top up your e-bike's charge after each ride. This practice keeps your battery in its sweet spot, avoiding deep discharges that can shorten its lifespan. However, if you're not using it daily, aim to charge it at least once every few weeks to keep the battery happy.

When relying solely on the throttle without any pedaling, most e-bikes are designed to cap out at 20 mph (ca. 32 km/h) for safety reasons. The distance you can cover depends on factors like terrain and battery capacity, but typically, you're looking at a range of 20–40 miles on throttle alone. Remember, pedal-assist modes can extend your range significantly and allow speeds up to 28 mph (ca. 45 km/h).

Customer Reviews

Based on 241 reviews
Ava W.
I don't feel safe when riding it

The bike when on rainy or snowy roads can get very shaky and slippery, and I don't feel safe when going anything over 30km/h. However I love the ebike for any other occasion, and customer service is awesome!

Harper M.
Long battery life

The long-lasting battery ensures that I never have to worry about running out of power during my rides, unlike my old $300 Costco ebike.

Azin Z.
Satisfactory Comfort

The comfort level of this e-bike is great and I think it's because of the low frame which makes it easy to get on. I recommend their mechanic for anyone, he is a true wiz!

Emily H.
Crazy battery life

Easy to control and get used to. I love riding it for errands or just for fun. Battery lasts me about three whole days too!

Noah S.
Faster than car or public transport

Manuevering is so easy and fast even compared to a car or public transit. Saves me so much time.