Electric Bike Selection - 2022 Guide

Finding the perfect E-Bike that suits you could be confusing. This could be due to E-bikes being a form of transportation only recently introduced to the multi-billion dollar electric vehicle market. So we understand if it could be confusing to find the perfect E-bike for you. Many people do not know how to select their E-bike and only look for either the fanciest option, or the cheapest if they’re on a budget. E-Bikes have a variety of options to choose from, all with different features and components to suit your needs. Therefore, people usually get overwhelmed when purchasing their E-bike. Today we will look through different batteries, brakes and tires. We're also going over different E-bike styles and their maintenance. Movin’ is going to hold your hand through this process until we land on the perfect E-bike for you! Let’s get started, shall we?


Ah, batteries. The talk of the town, the heart of the E-bike. With the recent boom in lithium ion technology in all things electric vehicles, it's no doubt that e-bikes now are safer and have some of the longest range options available. Battery sizes can range from short, 10-20 kilometer per charge ranges up to 100-120 kilometers! Many electric bikes will allow you the option to buy a dual battery, so if your first battery dies out, you can substitute the second battery, doubling your range.

 You might've seen something like “15AH”  when looking at batteries, let’s find out what that means. AH stands for a ampere hour, or amp hour which is a unit of electric charge. It basically means how many amps the battery can deliver per hour. So if the battery says 36V12AH, then that means that the battery can deliver 12 amps to a 36 volt device (in this case being the E-bike) every hour. Now after reading this, it's clear that there are no amps without volts, so let's understand volts. The average electric bike’s battery is 48 volts. A 48V15AH battery could take your electric bike (on average) anywhere between 60 to 80 kilometers. A battery with higher voltage won’t experience as much energy loss. This would mean the batter provides more efficiency and power to your E-bike. More volts do not always mean more range on your electric bike. When looking at E-bikes, try and get a battery that is lithium-ion. They may be more expensive than the average lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries are three times heavier. Heavy batteries cause more weight in your E-bike, slowing you down.

 Now this is nice and all, but what's the point of a nice battery if you don’t know how to take care of it. Some of the best tips are to charge the battery at room temperature and avoid your battery freezing. If you're going to be going a while without using your e-bike, make sure to avoid leaving the battery without any charge, or fully charged. These tips will help to extend the batteries lifespan. There will be more information about E-bike maintenance in this blog.


The best kinds of brakes are those that have maximum stopping power that still maintain a smooth ride while stopping. Brakes that provide this standard are usually hydraulic brakes. Most bikes use mechanical disk brakes, as they are cheaper, more easily manufactured and are more accessible. Hydraulic disc brakes provide stronger stopping power, while maintaining a smooth ride. Hydraulic disc brakes also have much better modulation so you can avoid putting a ton of force on the brake handles to stop your bike. Hydraulic disc brakes also have better efficiency, because they avoid all the friction due to the absence of mechanical cables that could be found in a mechanical disk brake system. One thing to keep in mind with hydraulic brakes is maintenance! Higher end hydraulic disc brakes typically need an oil change between 3000-5000 km of use. All Movin’ E-bike bikes are fitted with Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes, designed to give you the safest stopping power and hassle free maintenance.  


Tires are key as they’re the reason our vehicles move. One of the best tires for all riders is thick or fat tires. Thicker tires provide a smoother ride. Thick tires offer more stability when riding which can be useful since you're a beginner, and want good control while riding. Thicker tires also provide better tire-to-surface grip. This helps avoid slips in icy or muddy conditions, protecting amateur riders from injuries. Movin E-bikes are equipped with foremost tire gripping and smooth riding due to their spokes-less, magnesium alloy wheels.

Electric Bike Style

 In bicycles, there are two main types of frames determining their style: step through and step over. A step through frame is usually in city or commuter bikes, and offers comfort in your rides. In a step through, you are riding in an upright position, usually in a city for an errand or casual ride. A step over frame is usually in hybrid and mountain bikes. A step over bike is the most popular bike frame which is used in sport bikes as it provides a larger speed advantage. Step over bikes offer more pedal power, and a more balanced ride.

Now let's talk about what does the spinning in the bikes, the motor. In electric bikes, there are three types of motors: front drive, rear drive and mid drive. In a rear drive E-bike, the motor is placed in the rear of the bike, and is where most E-bike situate their motors. Mid drive motors don’t house the highest levels of speed or performance, and E-bikes do not need that. Therefore mid motors are the best option for E-bikes. Rear motors are the best option, as mid drive is a more expensive option.


Maintenance of your electric bike is crucial! Taking good care of your e-bike and all its parts will allow you to use your E-bike for longer without it depreciating. 

Before you go for a ride, check for any loose bolt or spokes in your E-bike. Loose spokes are bad as your wheel will have no provided structure. Same for screws. If a screw is loose, your bike will not have the expected structural integrity, and could fall apart easily. If loose, tighten with a wrench, usually provided in your e-bike when purchased. Fortunately for you, Movin’ Electric Bikes have spokes-less wheels, offering a lighter feel, and a smoother ride.

Keep your tires inflated. Make sure your tires are inflated, and there are no punctures before leaving home so you can avoid stopping in the middle of your ride because there’s something wrong with your tires. Also keep tire pressure up to scratch.

An E-bike is a vehicle, so every now and then, you're going to need to get a tune up. The suggested amount of tune ups is every 6 months, or 1,200 to 2,000 miles. In your tune ups, your E-bike will be inspected for any problems with the brakes, drivetrain, loose parts, and a wheel true. A wheel true makes sure your tires are aligned, and turn properly. There will also be an inspection on your motor, and its electrical connection to confirm your E-bike is working as reliably and efficiently as it should.

If you have hydraulic disc brakes, keep in mind an oil change is needed every couple thousand kilometers of use. A general rule is to change brake fluid every 2 years. Oil changes give our E-bikes (and cars) the ability to brake efficiently and prevent rusting in the motor which can decrease reliability in our vehicles.

Derailleur adjustments are crucial in maintenance of our bikes. Derailleurs help our bikes change gears. You need to adjust your derailleur every 400 km or so. Derailleur adjustment is not very complicated, and you can do it yourself, but if you struggle, ask the mechanic to do it for you during your tune ups.

E-bikes allow us to arrive at our destinations without being in a grumpy mood from road rage and traffic. They help us carry heavy goods to destinations without the hardship endured in walking or pedaling. They’re very fun to many people, and make us look forward to doing our errands as we’ll get to ride our E-bikes. Electric bikes are a great way to commute to your everyday errands while cutting your carbon emissions by a significant amount.

There are many aspects to consider when looking into buying your first E-bike, and people get overwhelmed. We at Movin’ went over all the important aspects into buying your electric bike, and hope we’ve given you some sturdy knowledge on what E-bikes you should choose. If you enjoyed this blog, make sure to check out our website for more blogs like this that’ll give you an even stronger understanding of E-bikes, and what you can do with them.

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