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Choosing an electric bike for anyone, even if that someone is yourself, is not an easy process. I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on how to approach buying an electric bike for a woman. We just went through this process, choosing an electric bike for my wife, so these memories are fresh and vivid.

What to look for when choosing an electric bike for a woman? Women's electric bikes typically have a shorter wheelbase length, smaller frame size, and often a step-through or angled frame design. Bikes for women usually weigh less. Women's models often come in brighter colors and can be foldable.

Everyone has different tastes. It's clear that women have their own way of choosing. When selecting the best electric bike for a woman, it's important to consider not just the brand. There are models that are most suitable for her physique. And this is a key point when buying an electric bike for a woman.

Different types of women's bikes come in various designs, lengths, sizes, and colors. However, some ladies prefer to choose a men's, or even better, a unisex electric bike. However, what is of primary importance when choosing an electric bike for a woman is to know which features are right for her.

Choosing based solely on how expensive the brand or model is, or how attractive the bike looks, can be a big mistake.

In addition, besides the technical characteristics of the bike, there are some technical details that buyers should pay attention to before choosing an electric bike for anyone.

What will the electric bike be primarily used for? The electric bike, or e-bike, has gained widespread popularity over the years among those who love to optimize time. Electric bikes, due to their main difference, have made cycling even for short city trips much easier and more fun. Thanks to them, it has become much more efficient to ride a bike to work and for errands.

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E-Bike Simply - a woman on an electric bike, everything about electric bikes, convenient, practical, and simple On an electric bike, you can easily climb a steep hill, a large mound, and ride on uneven roads, all without sweating. After all, everyone wants to save energy to use it for other activities.

The real advantage of an electric bicycle is its efficiency in traveling through mountains, hills, and combating wind. With electric bicycles, cycling becomes a breeze and an unforgettable experience.

Battery and Motor of a Women's Bicycle

Now, it's important to learn about the battery and motor. These characteristics will tell you about watts, volts, what the battery capacity means, and how long the motor will be able to carry you on a single battery charge before you start thinking about recharging it.

The battery capacity and the intended use of the bicycle are the determining factors of how many kilometers/miles the bicycle can travel before the battery discharges.

Although it's not important if you are buying a bicycle just to relax without going far from home, it is necessary to consider if you are buying it for other purposes.

The maximum distance an electric bicycle can travel on a single charge can vary from 25-35 kilometers (15-20 miles) to 100 and more. The standard travel range for an electric bicycle is 30-50 kilometers (20-40 miles) on a full battery charge.

Choosing Tires and Drive for an Women's Electric Bicycle

The types of tires and drive that come with an electric bicycle are also an important factor in the selection process.

If you need an electric bicycle exclusively for smooth asphalt roads, skip this article. Such trips can be made on an electric bicycle with any standard tires.

However, if you are considering the possibility of riding an electric bicycle off-road, through parks, forests, steep hills, and mountains, then think about purchasing hybrid tires for your bicycle. They have a bit more grip and hold you better on the road than regular tires.

Bicycles with front-wheel drive are more comfortable on roads with uneven surfaces.

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Accessories for Women's Electric Bicycles

Accessories are where ladies can express their taste, choosing all that is fashionable and decorative. You can select a bicycle design to your liking. Most importantly, you can choose various accessories that you can show off in any weather.

E-Bike Simply - a woman on an electric bicycle in the city, all about electric bicycles, convenient, practical, and simple Among the many accessories, you can mention chain guards, mudguards, and trouser clips, especially when it's wet and dirty outside. These are all measures to protect your clothes while riding a bicycle in bad weather. You can also install a basket and front lights (if you ever decide to ride a bicycle at night), etc.

The Weight of the Electric Bicycle Matters

Although it may seem insignificant at first glance, this is also a crucial factor to consider when choosing an electric bicycle, especially for a woman.

If you often have to overcome the stress of lifting the bicycle to get on a train, place it in a car, or carry it up the stairs, then a lighter bicycle is likely more suitable for you.

Electric bicycles usually weigh no less than 15 kg. There are many models that weigh more than 21-23 kg. That's when lifting becomes quite difficult, especially for a woman. The solution is to look for lighter models of bicycles. In such cases, it's also worth considering foldable models, as they often tend to be the lightest.

Another useful tip for reducing the weight of an electric bicycle is having a removable battery. Most of the installed batteries weigh at least 2-3 kg. Such batteries are usually removable.

A removable battery can reduce the weight of the bicycle by several kilograms. However, if the battery is not removable, do not apply force to it, as this can be equivalent to destroying the battery.

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What Color to Choose for a Women's Bicycle

Surprisingly, color can be one of the most controversial topics when buying an electric bicycle. Would a woman buy an electric bicycle in a color she doesn't like? Most likely, no. We all have color preferences. Women like everything that belongs to them to be comfortable and fashionable.

While some would like the electric bicycle to be bright and attractive, others would prefer cool or dark colors. So, thoroughly discuss and think about color preferences if you are going to buy an electric bicycle for a woman.

White, black, pink, cream, dark green, dark blue, yellow, or orange are some of the most commonly used colors for such electric bicycles.

Other Details to Consider When Choosing an Electric Bicycle for Women

Choosing the perfect bicycle for a woman can be a tiring and sometimes frustrating task initially. However, it's a manageable exercise.

Just as there are different items designed for different genders, there are also different electric bicycles designed for different genders, depending on age, body type, personal taste, and technical specifications.

Manufacturers know the preferences of their customers, hence the multitude of models, colors, and specifications. When choosing a bicycle for a woman, it is recommended to select bicycles specifically designed for them.

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What other questions might concern you?

Are electric bicycles affordable?

Electric bicycles are quite affordable. Although some may find the prices of electric bicycles quite outrageous compared to their traditional counterparts.

The average price of an electric bicycle is about 1,300 to 10,000 cad, depending on the quality and brand of the product.

Comparing the operating costs of an electric bicycle and a used car is quite indicative. You will quickly find that an electric bicycle is almost three times cheaper than the cost of fueling, insuring, and maintaining a car.

Along with an electric bicycle, you buy health and integration with the environment. It's a win-win option for those who love to ride with the breeze.

Getting to your destination, you are simultaneously engaged in sports. Therefore, when you want to complain about how expensive these bicycles are, it makes sense to consider other values, not just the cost.

Why do most women's electric bicycles have an angled frame, which, in most cases, is also shorter than men's?

Well, the answer is relative. The design of bicycles is still somewhat male-oriented. Manufacturers produce what they consider appropriate, based on gender, hence the frame configuration.

The reason why most women's bicycles have such a frame is also related to the historical design, providing a more comfortable process of getting on the bicycle.

Some women, on the other hand, do not like to get on a bicycle with an angled frame. In this case, they prefer unisex bicycles, and some women even prefer men's bicycles. So in many cases, it all comes down to the person's choice.

Are electric bicycles faster than traditional ones?

The answer to this question is not quite. Most low-power electric bicycles, even with a fully charged battery, will not reach 20 kilometers (15 miles) per hour. This is the speed limit built into the design of the electric bicycle.

However, when pedaling independently or riding downhill, the cyclist can travel at a speed exceeding this built-in threshold, applying their own efforts.


There are 3 important factors that women should pay special attention to - weight, battery range, and riding comfort. Come visit us at 654 College Street and we will show you why our Movin Light bike is one of the best for women. We are waiting for you.

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