Yoga and Ebikes

For those passionate about cycling, it's not just a sport, but a way to immerse oneself in the beauty of the journey, while staying fit. A bike and the right gear offer a simple and eco-friendly mode of transport. The thrill of navigating uneven terrains, mysterious tunnels, and unexplored paths is unparalleled. But, such rides often lead to tiredness and muscle pain. Continuous cycling demands coordination and endurance, often leading to muscle fatigue and strain. So, how do you tackle post-ride muscle soreness effectively?

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Beyond refueling with energy drinks and food, the key is adequate rest and relaxation. Cycling impacts leg muscles, which can either bulk up or slim down, depending on the intensity of your ride and your recovery routine. Yoga instructor Pat Bailey from San Francisco suggests integrating yoga postures post-ride. These yoga poses can significantly aid in swift muscle recovery and leg stretching. The rhythmic stretching of muscles and ligaments brings a sense of tranquillity and ease in breathing.

Pat Bailey seamlessly blends her love for cycling and unique yoga poses along the San Francisco Bay, aiming to showcase the symbiotic nature of cycling and yoga. Numerous contemporary articles and publications are emphasizing the harmony between yoga and cycling. Merging yoga with cycling routines boosts physical endurance and eases muscle stiffness, offering strength and agility. Apart from the physical benefits, the mental relaxation achieved through yoga post-ride helps focus better on subsequent rides, ensuring balanced breathing, rhythm, and longer distances.

For those new to yoga, here are five recommended postures that will enhance flexibility and aid muscle recovery:

Hip Flexor Stretch:

yoga, ebikes, movin, toronto

This pose deeply relaxes the hip and the piriformis muscles, vital for regular riders. Sit on a yoga mat with your palms placed behind you. Cross your right ankle over your left knee and gently rock your hips to feel the stretch.

Iliotibial Band (ITB) Stretch:

yoga, ebikes, movin, toronto

The ITB runs along the outer thigh from hip to knee. Lie on your side on the mat, prop your body up with your elbow, and use the other hand for support. Engage your core and move back and forth to feel the stretch.

Quadriceps and Hamstrings Relaxation:

yoga, ebikes, movin, toronto

Initially, this stretch might feel intense. Start by lying face-down on the mat and press down using your forearms. Focus on relaxing your front thigh muscles. To stretch the back of your thighs, lie on your back and gently press.

Calf Release:

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Given the fixed position of feet during cycling, calves need special attention. Begin by kneeling on the mat and rocking back and forth to stretch the calves. Alternatively, lie on your back, lifting your legs and pressing your calves as you pull them towards you.

Spinal Lengthening Pose:

yoga, movin, ebike, toronto

This pose counteracts the hunched cycling posture. Using an elongated yoga mat, lie on your back, ensuring your head and hips are comfortably placed. Open your shoulders, close your eyes, and focus on deep breathing. Maintain this position for about 15 minutes for best results.


Give these yoga poses a try and share your experience! Also, stay tuned to Movin Mobility electric bikes for more insights on e-biking every week! If you need further advice, just visit our store at 654 College Street, Toronto. We'll show you how sports make us and our customers happier.

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