Five Uses for our Folding Electric Bike that You Never Thought Of - 2022 Guide

The versatility of Movin' electric bikes make them stand out from others, by a longshot. The robust clip and hinge that let's it fold for easy storage and carrying is really convenient.

        We want to share some surprising ways of how our folding electric bike has helped some of our customers  in this blog and maybe it will help you too when you get it in hand!

1. Easily fit into the back of a car

       Going on road trip is so much easier when you take your electric bike with you. If you suddenly run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, just take out your electric bike from the back of your trunk, unfold it and ride it to the gas station to get fuel!
        But there is more! When you leave your car for car wash, servicing or fixing it up, you don't have to call a friend to pick you up anymore. Simply bring your Movin' folding electric bike and ride home from your car shop! Even better when they are done, ride there to pick up your car with no problem!

2. Your Trustworthy Ocean Buddy
        If you like to sail or go out on your boat or yacht, then the Movin' electric bike is a big hit with sailors! It is easily stored into a ship and can be taken out if you want to explore an island! The folding feature is easy for you to keep the electric bike dry and away from sea water and use it on beaches, jungles or any adventure that you are going on.

3. A Sustainable Upgrade to Your Motorcycle

       'This feels like a motorcycle!', common feedback when our rides when they first tried out our Movin' folding electric bike. Lots of people are also replacing their cars with electric bikes and more so their motorcycles! Electric bikes open the possibilities of no fuel charge, license required, lower maintenance and best of all, a throttle that can get you up to 32km/h! We can't think of a reason not to switch to electric bikes.

4. Going Across the Campus

       Our electric bike is perfect for students to go around the campus. Late for class but don't want to show up all sweaty and out of breath? No problem, ou r folding electric bike has got you covered! Ride it across the campus effortlessly and shorten your time to class by at least half. Lock up your electric bike, and if you want to be extra safe, bring the battery and seat in with you to class! When you get off class, ride the electric bike to nearby cafeteria or hangout with your friends within no time. Think of how much time you have saved for studying or relaxing!

        Added bonus, don't worry about rent a parking lot on campus or getting your bike stolen because you left it overnight, simply fold it up and leave it in your dorm room!

5. Cruising around the Campground
        The Movin' Folding Electric bike is especially perfect for the RV lifestyle and people on the road. Ride it around when you park your RV at a campground and start exploring the nature! Whether it is riding to the nearby neighborhood to pick up some camping supplies, or it is to the trail and woods in the deep mother nature, riding on our electric bike is so convenient! If there are places that your RV is too big to drive to or fit through, hop on your electric bike and get there even faster!

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