Why E-bikes are set to become more affordable in the future

In recent years, e-bikes have become some of the most popular ways to get around. They're a fun alternative to driving or public transportation and can be both exciting and relaxing. The one downside is that they're expensive, but that might not be as bad as you think. Here's why:

Being new tech, not yet mass produced

E-bikes are still a new technology. They aren't mass produced, and it's difficult to make them cost less than more established bicycle technologies.

E-bikes have only been around for about 15 years, and the majority of manufacturers still don't make them. This means that if you want to buy an e-bike, you'll need to look for one that's handmade by hand or custom built. This can be difficult because each person has different preferences on what their perfect bike would be like—what kind of motor they want, how much power it provides, how light it is—so there's no way to mass produce these bikes efficiently yet.

There's also another reason why e-bikes are so expensive: they require high-end parts like motors and batteries that cost more money than regular bikes (even though they're usually made out of cheaper materials).

Prices set to drop as competition arises

The good news is that e-bike prices will decrease in the next few years with mass adoption and competition. The electric bikes market is still relatively small, but it's growing rapidly as more people start to see their benefits. As the number of users increases, there will be greater demand for cheap e-bikes from China (where most of them are made). This will lead to increased supply and lower prices for consumers.

Additionally, technology advances mean that e-bike batteries can hold more energy than ever before—and they're getting cheaper too! With better batteries being available at lower costs, manufacturers can put them into their e-bikes without having such a high cost price tag attached per unit sold.

E-bike Current Costs

The second most common question we get is how much do e-bikes cost? The answer is, it depends. In other words, the price of an e-bike varies between brands and models. There are also many factors that go into determining its price: size, features, brand, and where you live

The average cost of a decent entry level electric bike is around $4-6K for an e-Bike with a 250W motor, 32 kilometers per hour top speed and carrying capacity up to 300 pounds, a component beneficial to our customers working in the food courier industry. The majority of our food courier customers at Movin' have been very satisfied with the Movin' Pulse, the sleek step-over for everyday commuting. Brands have their own prices made for them to have profits, therefore two brands could offer the same product, but one is more expensive as it's a more famous or renowned brand. Asian countries sell e-bikes for prices that're relatively lower than the ones here in the west, as most e-bike are manufactured in China (or at least their part). Because of this, manufacturers will be able to charge companies less as they won't pay shipping and handling fees, and any overseas taxes.

Higher end models

Some of the higher end models can be as much as $12,000. Yes, believe it or not, some e-bikes have outrageous prices. This can be due to the e-bike having very rare parts that were not manufactured in Asia, which causes price to increase due to its prestige. These e-bikes are also mountain bikes, which on average cost more as they have stronger motors and batteries.

Average-commuter models

The average price range for an e-bike is between $2,500 and $4,000. If you’re looking to go on a weekend ride or commute to work every day, you might want to consider buying a more expensive e-bike. These are higher quality bikes that can withstand the wear and tear of long-term use. You will also benefit from having a much faster speed rating, getting you to arrive at work faster.

Why E-bikes are more expensive than regular bikes

At this point, you may be wondering exactly why electric bikes are so expensive. The answer is that they aren’t mass-produced in the same way as regular bikes are. Because e-bikes are used more commonly for commuting in popular cities and not necessarily "exciting adventures", which isn't true as many e-bikes are manufactured with powerful parts to go on steep mountains and off-roading, many companies don’t prioritize manufacturing them at high rates. This means it takes longer to produce enough e-bikes to meet demand at a reasonable price point. As a result, you will likely see prices fall over time as supply increases and manufacturers become more efficient at creating these products due to increased popularity.

E-bikes set to become affordable overtime as popularity and supply increases

In summary, e-bikes are expensive because they are a new technology and not mass produced. The price will decrease overtime as more companies enter the market to compete with existing brands. The demand for e-bikes is also expected to rise as more people become aware of their benefits, making them an affordable option for regular commuters looking to switch from cars or public transport.


In this blog, we explored the reasons for the high cost of e-bikes. The short answer is that they are still a new technology and manufacturers need to recoup their research and development costs as demand increases. There’s also the fact that there is not yet any mass production of e-bikes. However, the good news is that prices are expected to fall in the next few years with more competition and developing mass production for e-bikes.

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